Chris Perez Engaged to Melissa Jimenez: Is Chris Perez Married to Melissa Jimenez? Do They Have Children?

Perez is an American musician, composer, and author  In addition to being the principal guitarist for Selena y Los Dinos, he is also Selena’s husband. He was born in August 1969 in San Antonio. From 1992 until 1995, he was married to Selena, who died in 1995. A number of Selena y Los Dinos albums have included him, including Ven Conmigo (1990), Entre a Mi Mundo (1992), and Selena Live! (1993), Amor Prohibido (1994), and Dreaming of You (1996).

Chris Perez Band albums Resurrection and Una Noche Más also had Perez’s appearances. ” Kumbia All-Starz albums Ayer Fue Kumbia Kings (2005), Hoy Es Kumbia All Starz (2006), Planeta Kumbia (2008), and La Vida De Un Genio (2010) all include him as a member of the band, as well as the Kumbia Kings album Duets released in 2005.

Chris Perez’s Life in the Earlier Years

A native of the United States of America, Christopher Gilbert Pérez was born on August 14th, 1969 in San Antonio, Texas. They were both computer programmers and housewives, respectively. They split in 1974, and he was born. Chris Pérez was born in Mexico and has Mexican ancestry. Perez picked up the French horn in middle school and has been playing ever since.

He began playing the acoustic guitar after joining his high school’s concert band. Although his mother disapprove of his desire to pursue rock-and-roll music, he remained steadfast in making his own choices. With Van Halen and Mötley Crüe and Def Leppard among his favorite bands, Pérez was a big fan of rock music.

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Chris Perez Career

Chris Perez began his music career in Los Angeles at the age of 17 and has since released several albums. Tony Lares, the cousin of Shelly Lares, invited him to join the band at the time. Although he had no desire to play rock music, he joined the band out of need rather than choice. A decade after joining the band, in 1989 he began songwriting and serving as Shelly’s musical director.

chris perez engaged to melissa jimenez

He became a well-known Tejano guitarist, and Abraham Quintanilla chose him to join Selena y Los Dinos, his band. His daughter, Selena Quintanilla, has a love relationship with Perez, and he fires him from the band afterward. After his marriage to Selena, Perez rejoined the band.’ After Yolanda Saldvar, his wife’s former nurse murdered her in 1995, the band disbanded.

Kris and Melissa are now engaged.

At the time of their elopement and marriage, Chris Perez and Selena were both 22 years old. They fell in love after Chris joined Selena y Los Dinos in 1990 and the rest, as they say, is history. After Selena’s father, Abraham, disapproves of the relationship between his daughter and Chris, Chris is sacked from the band when the relationship is uncovered.

Chris and Selena were married in April of 1992, and her sudden death on the eve of their third anniversary devastated him beyond comprehension, leaving him unable to eat for two days. After that, he became addicted to drinking and drugs and withdrew to his birthplace of San Antonio, Texas, where he lived with his father. In 2012, he published a book titled ‘To Selena, With Love’ to show the side of the artist that he was familiar with many years ago.

chris perez engaged to melissa jimenez

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Immediately following Selena’s untimely death, Chris’ friend John Garza, who had moved in with Chris to provide emotional and financial support, introduced him to Vanessa Villanueva, who became his second wife. The Chris Perez Band, his new band at the time, was formed in 1998, and he and Vanessa began dating that year. Both Noah and Cassie were born as a result of their marriage in 2001; both are currently in their teens. Disagreements could not be reconciled, which led to their divorce in 2008.

Chris Perez’s Love Life

His relationship with Melissa Jimenez began in January 2018 when she published an image of herself wearing an engagement ring that Chris had gifted her. According to some sources, Chris and the teenage musician were spotted skydiving together, and the two were said to have bonded over their shared love of music. Even though Chris was supposed to be in New York at this time, he has subsequently stated that he has his own studio in the city where he records music.

chris perez engaged to melissa jimenez

Being welcomed back into the band and family is a huge relief for her. However, as a couple, they haven’t been seen together much since 2019. Since Jimenez’s engagement ring has been gone for at least two years, we can only assume that they are no longer a pair even if they are trying to hide their connection. Chris is presently co-parenting his two children from his previous marriage with Vanessa, and he and Vanessa have not had any children together.

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Chris said in an interview in 2021 that he believed Selena was still alive and that he could have chats with her. He said further that the Selena he saw was not the 22-year-old that she was when they married, but the person she would be today if she were still living. It is not lost on the millions of Selena fans around the world that Chris’s love and remembrance of his first wife remain strong to this day.