Those Eyes! Chrissy Teigen Posts the First Close-Up Image of Baby Esti.

The cutest thing ever! As Esti took her first close-up portrait, Chrissy Teigen treated her like a celebrity.

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Look at [you] out here lookin’ like a baby, the 37-year-old author of the Cravings cookbook wrote with the first solo photo of the infant curled up in Teigen’s arms and wrapped in a grey blanket on Instagram.

On January 13, the former model and Legend, 44, had their third kid. Additionally, the pair is parents to Miles, 4, and Luna, 6.

According to social media footage from that night’s private event, the All of Me singer exclaimed, “What a great day.” Legend added that despite not getting much sleep, the birth of his daughter had left him feeling energized.

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On January 19, Esti made her formal debut on Chrissy’s Courtalum’s social media in a picture with her brothers.

There she is! Maxine Esti Stephens The home is a hive of activity, and Teigen expressed her family’s happiness at the time via Instagram. When Luna and Miles are so loving, Daddy cries every night. I’m realizing that even after a C-section, you still need diapers. We are content. We appreciate all of the love and well wishes; they are all felt!

Those Eyes! Chrissy Teigen Posts the First Close-Up Image of Baby Esti.

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The couple made the announcement that they were expecting their third child in August 2022. The Lip Sync Battle host miscarried three years ago while carrying her and The Voice coach’s kid Jack.

To put it mildly, the last several years have been a whirl of feelings, but happiness has returned to our house and to our hearts. In reference to her prior infertility issues and IVF experience, Teigen stated through Instagram at the time, “1 billion shots later (in the leg lately, as u can see!) we have another on the way.

” Every time I had an appointment, I told myself, “Ok, if it’s healthy today, I’ll announce,” but after hearing a heartbeat, I decided I was still too anxious. I doubt I’ll ever leave a meeting feeling more thrilled than anxious, but thus far, everything is lovely and flawless, and I’m filled with hope and amazement. Oh my goodness, it has been so difficult to hold this in for so long!

Those Eyes! Chrissy Teigen Posts the First Close-Up Image of Baby Esti.

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Unlike Teigen, who has been outspoken about how distraught she was after losing her baby at 20 weeks of pregnancy, Legend wasn’t sure he wanted to talk about the tragic loss that his family experienced.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs in August 2022, the Grammy winner admitted, “It was hard, and I was afraid to reveal it.” Chrissy was absolutely correct, in my opinion, when she advised us to spread the word because, in my opinion, it was quite impactful for a lot of people.