What Is Christina Haack’s Net Worth 2021? How Much Christina Haack Made this Year?

At the time of this writing, Christina Haack’s net worth was $25 million USD. Christina Haack is one of America’s most successful and well-known property investors. Additionally, she’s a well-known television personality who’s seen a significant rise in popularity since her appearance on the HGTV cover.

She has appeared on Flip or Flop with her ex-husband, which has helped her get her foot in the door. As a result, her popularity has risen significantly. Christina El Moussa launched her own HGTV show, Christina on the Coast, following her split from Tarek El Moussa.

She has also worked with her ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa, in the business world. His fame and success were largely due to her involvement in the real estate sector. Both of them have a lot to offer each other. They used to be inseparable, but these days they have their own lives.

Christina Haack’s Career

Investing in Real Estate

The real estate brokerage firm El Moussa Group was created by Christina and Tarek. They shelled out about $115,000 for a number of properties in Santa Ana, CA. This apartment was put on the market with a 30% markup. Significant investments were made not only in California but also in other states like Arizona.

The partners, like many others, faced severe difficulties following the 2008 financial crisis. Rather than pay their $6,000 mortgage, they had little alternative except to lease the property. When Christina and Tarek made a brief return to the show in 2013, they featured on Brother vs Brother.


When Christina and Tarek finished their first flip in 2010, they were six months out of date. They did, however, profit handsomely from it. In 2011, Christina’s husband made a film documenting the entire house flipping process and sent it in as an audition tape to HGTV. This video caught the attention of HGTV, who gave the pair a role on their new show, “Flip or Flop,” when it first premiered in 2013.

Popular with the general audience, the show ran for eight seasons. In 2018, the couple ended their relationship and divorced. Thus, their partnership came to an end as well. However, they did appear on the HGTV program. “Real Estate Elevated” is a program designed to help students in the real estate industry. It includes online tools, seminars, and training. “Christina On The Coast” was Christina’s original show in 2018. The show premiered in the year 2019. During the episode, it was seen how she renovated her new residence and then how she fixed the homes of her clients.

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Christina Haack’s  Net Worth & Salary

She was previously known as Christina El Moussa before she changed her name to Christina Anstead in 2012. $25 million is Christina Haack’s wealth. She originally rose to fame as the co-star of a film in which her husband also appeared.

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 The Past Relationship Status of Christina Haack

When Tarek and Christina first met in 2009, they were together till 2016. They are the parents of two children. After an argument, Tarek left the house and was reported to be suicidal, so police were called to their residence. When Tarek went hiking with a gun, he said he was not suicidal and was merely protecting himself from wild animals. They filed for divorce in January of this year.

‘The El Moussa Group’ was in jeopardy after the couple announced their separation. It was finalized in January of this year. In 2018, it was revealed that Ant Anstead, an English television presenter, had a romantic relationship with Christina.

christina haack net worth 2021

The two were said to have started dating in November of last year. Wedded at their Newport Beach, California residence, Christina and Ant tied the knot in December 2018. As soon as Christina El Moussa changed her name to Christina Anstead, she became a household name in America. Christina and Ant made the announcement on Instagram in March of this year that they were expecting their first child.

After a year of dating, Christina and Ant decided to call it quits in September of 2020. After a few weeks, she filed for divorce. HGTV’s “Flip or Flop,” Christina began using her maiden name, Christina Haack, following her divorce from Tarek El Moussa. In 2019, she started a new show called “Christina on the Coast,” in which she appeared.

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Intangibles of Christina Haack

Home-  An American real estate investor, christina Haack has a large number of real estate holdings of her own. The majority of her time is spent at her home in Los Angeles, California. She also has properties in Newport Beach, Las Vegas, and New York City. She’s a well-to-do woman who enjoys the finer things in life.

Cars- Christina Haack has a large collection of automobiles in her garage. Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi, Aston Martin, and a few others are among the vehicles she owns. She doesn’t get behind the wheel too often, but it’s clear that she has a strong interest in automobiles.