Top 7+ Best Games to Play on Your Chromebook in 2022!

Our old list of recommended Chromebook games is now known as “the greatest games on Chromebooks.” What, exactly, does a Chromebook game mean in this day and age, when Chromebooks can play games made for the cloud (Stadia), apps (Android), and browser games (Steam)? We’d like this list to represent how powerful Chromebooks have become.

1) Krunker.Io Is the First (browser)

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There isn’t enough recognition for the top browser games like today. It’s a massively multiplayer online shooter built on voxels, and its hundreds of players may be found on servers all around the world.

The game is a fast-paced co-op shooter that recalls the classic Team Fortress in several ways. You can play as a variety of different classes, each with its own arsenal of weapons, maximum health, and movement rate. Who would you rather face up against: a lightning-fast runner with a knife, or the menacing Triggerman and his assault rifle? Your choice.

Deathmatch, capture-the-flag, and dominance modes à la Battlefield are all included. In addition, you can access and enjoy all of it without spending a dime right now second.

2) Eternium (play Store, Steam)

There are a lot of cash-in-action role-playing games (ARPGs) on the Play Store that tries to capitalise on players’ insatiable appetite for games that follow the same premise as Diablo. However, one game that succeeds in this regard is Eternium, which can be found on Steam.

The lack of paywalls and other mechanisms meant to push you to spend money is a welcome change, and the game’s fighting mechanics, which include a spell system in which you draw sigils on your screen, are superb. Visually, it’s appealing, with an aesthetic not too distant from Diablo 3’s cartoonish take on dungeon exploration.

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3) Sid Meier’s Civilization Vi (Play Store)

The days of severely watered-down ports of Sid Meier’s epic 4X series on Android barely seem far. However, Civilization 6 is now available for Android and Chromebooks, and the first 60 turns may be played for free to see how the game runs on your device.

It seems that not all Chromebooks are compatible with this feature; those with a Pixel Chromebook have had better results than those with a Samsung Chromebook. But once inside, you’ll find one of the best Civ games ever made. It’s rich and vibrant, and it’s immensely exciting to watch as you choose a civilisation and lead it from the Stone Age to the Space Age.

4) The Barrier to Sanity (Play Store)

Players who enjoyed the classic sci-fi horror game Dead Space will feel right at home in this freshly launched shooter. If you’re looking for an excellent action-horror game to play on your Chromebook, look no further than Wall of Insanity. The game’s tight over-the-shoulder viewpoint will make you feel the claustrophobia as you blast your way through strange, nightmare scenes.

In this tale, you play the part of a law enforcement officer tasked with looking into a mysterious sect. This is a surefire way to enter a creepy, mysterious, and terrifying underworld, making it an excellent choice for Halloween.

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5) Stardew Valley, (play Store, Steam)

Stardew Valley’s widespread acclaim means it doesn’t require an introduction to gamers. But for those who don’t know, it’s a game in the vein of Harvest Moon, a simulation of farming and daily life.

You purchase a farm with the intention of expanding it and bringing it back to its former glory. You can raise animals, grow crops, socialise with the community, and even get hitched. It’s well-written in a sneaky way, and there are secrets to be uncovered among the intriguing characters and plots.

Stardew Valley’s gorgeous pixel art isn’t too taxing on hardware, so it should run well on just about any reasonably recent Chromebook.

6) Nba Jam (Play Store)

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A lot of sports games are hard to find for mobile devices (and by extension, Chromebook). The FIFA games that EA has been churning out for years now feel stiff and uncomfortable. As a result of its straightforward design, NBA Jam is able to address many of these issues. This is a top-tier sports game on Chromebook and Android thanks to its two-on-two mode, massive avatars, and stunning slam dunks.

NBA Jam has the same gung-ho, ridiculous, arcade-like action as the excellent NBA Hangtime from the ’90s, where you leap 50 feet into the air and smash the ball down into the basket, so fans of that game will appreciate it greatly. Even if you aren’t a basketball fan, you’ll like the game’s local and online multiplayer, entertaining story, and intuitive controls.

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7) Among Us (Play Store)

Very few games can boast the same level of popularity as Among Us right now, and its widespread appeal is due in no little part to the fact that it can be played on any device without any hassle (cross-play, too!).

You are supposed to imagine yourself as one of numerous jellybean-like astronauts aboard a spaceship. Of course, one of you is the faker who plans to cause mayhem on board and wreak havoc with the ship’s machinery.

While it’s great on Chromebooks, this game is best enjoyed in the company of friends rather than random online users who may or may not randomly label you a suspect (thus the meme’sus’).