Clear Path Relief Pilot Program: Application Process for The Clear Path Relief Pilot Program!

A request for Clear Path Relief-CPR Chicago was created to assist low-income drivers who owe money on traffic-related penalties and fees. For those motorists and drivers who are having financial difficulties paying their traffic-related expenses, a new initiative will start on April 1.

The goal of this program, which Mayor Lori Lightfoot launched, is to assist those who are struggling with vehicle-related debt both during and after a CIVID. The public’s response to the action has been conflicted. Some people are applauding the mayor’s decision, while others are denouncing it.

What is the clear path relief pilot program?

The registered owners of the vehicle have the option to waive any outstanding debt related to the vehicle as part of the pilot program for clear path relief. These debts may cover costs for parking, compliance, red lights, and speeding, but they do not cover charges for expired meters. The program aims to relieve motorists of financial burdens who are already in difficult situations financially.

Clear Path Relief Pilot Program

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Pilot Project for Clear Path Relief: Advantages

If you’re excited about the clear-way relief pilot program and want to learn more about its advantages, read the following paragraph.

Benefits of the program include the remission of vehicle-related debts, such as parking, red light, compliance, and speeding tickets, but it does not cover debts from expired meter tickets.

The outstanding debts from before those three years will be forgiven if you pay the base fine amount for the tickets issued in the last three years.

You will only have to pay half of the outstanding balance if you pay the new tickets that were issued within 365 days after the enrollment date on time.

The penalty will not be imposed on new tickets until after December 31, 2023.

Meter ticket debts won’t be waived as a result of this program. Participants must first fully settle any outstanding meter tickets or sign up for a payment plan with any associated penalties in order to receive the benefits of this program.

Clear Path Relief Pilot Program

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Who is eligible for the Program?

Applicants for the clear route relief pilot program must be aware of who is qualified to apply before submitting an application.

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  1. Applicants must be the registered owner of the vehicle for which the debt is to be paid, have outstanding car-related debts, and meet both of these requirements.
  2. A household’s current enrollment in the Utility Billing Relief program is a requirement for applicants.
  3. The applicants’ household income must fall within or below the federal poverty criteria, or 300 percent of them.
Clear Path Relief Pilot Program

How to Apply for the Clear Path Relief Pilot Program?

  • The following actions can be taken by applicants who want to apply for the program:
  • Visit the official website at or click the Apply Now button above.
  • then click “Apply”
  • Check the status of your boot
  • Debt verification: In order to take full advantage of this program, you must verify your debts using your notice number, driver’s license, or license plate.
  • Provide information about tickets.
  • Identify the owner.
  • By giving the necessary information, reassure the program’s eligibility.
  • The following two steps are: Prepare a report and an overview.
  • You are now ready to take advantage of the clear path relief pilot program’s advantages after providing the information provided.