How To Clear Cookies On iPhone

The majority of individuals at least have a basic understanding of the necessity of routine browser cookie clearing. It’s not just laptops and desktop computers that do this; there are many other reasons as well, like clearing up space. On your iPhone, should you also delete the cookies? Possibly is the response. Although it’s not necessary, periodically deleting cookies from your iPhone will free up some storage space and could perhaps solve some browsing troubles.

You can trace your internet behaviour using cookies, which are little files. The reason you get so many adverts for items you recently searched for or bought is because of this, which we realize sounds disturbing. For instance, if you recently bought a record player online, you’ll probably start to see adverts for vinyl player-related products, such as records or cleaning supplies for those records. In other words, while you probably don’t want them to accumulate for too long, cookies do serve to improve your online experience.

On an I Phone, how Do You Clear the Cookies?

clearing cookies on iphone

It won’t take much time for you to clear the cookies on your iPhone because it is a pretty simple process. It only takes a few clicks on your iPhone to complete the procedure, which doesn’t require you to download any more apps. But depending on the browser you’re using, there may be certain actions you need to follow to delete cookies. The likelihood that you use Apple’s own Safari mobile browser, which can be easily cookie-cleaned, on a frequent basis if you own an iPhone is high (via Apple).

  • Safari’s settings are accessible by going to Settings on your iPhone, finding it in the list of apps by scrolling down, and tapping it.
  • Select Advanced from the settings page’s bottom-most section.
  • Select Website Data. Choosing which cookies to clear will be done at this point.
  • Simply tap Remove All Website Data to delete every piece of data. In contrast, if you only want to delete specific cookies, click the edit button in the top right corner of the screen and then click the red circle next to the files you wish to delete.

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The Best Way to Delete Cookies from Chrome on An Phone

Web browsers all store cookies and other information as you visit different websites, except a few privacy-focused ones, and they all have mechanisms for erasing that information. Even though Chrome is still one of the most widely used alternatives to Safari, which comes pre-installed on iPhones and is a reasonably good browser, many people still use other browsers. While slightly different from Safari’s approach, Chrome’s way is still very straightforward (via Google).

  • The iPhone should be opened in Google Chrome.
  • In the bottom right corner of the screen, there is a Menu button that has three dots on it. Tap that button.
  • Select History.
  • Select Clear Browsing Data.
  • Select Cookies, Site Data.

In the end, select Clear Browsing Data. Clicking Clear Browsing Data once more is required to confirm your choice.
Similar procedures are used by other third-party web browsers for iPhone; in particular, you must delete cookies from within the browser app rather than through the iOS menus.

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The Benefits of Deleting Cookies from Your Phone

clearing cookies on iphone

Cookies contribute to the creation of personalized adverts and suggestions that make your life easier, enhancing the user experience online. Users of iPhones might wish to erase their cookies for a few different reasons, though. First, too many cookies on your iPhone might affect how well it performs while you’re browsing. On your iPhone, have you noticed that opening a website takes longer than usual? Getting rid of the cookies may fix the issue, thus they might be to blame.

For privacy reasons, you might also want to delete your cookies. Having cookies saved on your device does make online shopping simpler. This implies that those businesses and websites also have access to your personal data, though. Many people find it necessary to periodically reset things because they are either uncomfortable with this or find it necessary for other reasons. Naturally, you may set your browsers to completely reject cookies.