Cooking Hacks: The Simple Tips for The Most Challenging Kitchen Issues!

You can get through anything in life with a few short tips and tricks, and the same is true in the kitchen. There are a lot of clever and simple life-saving hacks out there, and you’ll be surprised to learn about them. Whether it’s keeping your green vegetables fresher for longer, boiling eggs correctly so they don’t break while boiling, or keeping your spices from spoiling in the monsoon, you’ll only wish you knew about them sooner.

Cold Spots in Microwaved Food

Everybody dreads the dreaded chilly spot that appears after microwaving food. So what is the answer? The “ring technique,” according to Kristopher, should be used. Placing your food on a ring can help it cook more evenly in the microwave because the appliance heats food from the outside to the center.

To assist avoid that frigid center, he advised, “you can put all your food to the sides of the plate or dish.”

cooking hacks

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Dried-Out Microwaved Food

Even though using the microwave is quick and simple, you can end up with some dry leftovers. What is the remedy? According to Kristopher, you should microwave your food with some moisture.

“That frequent problem can be resolved and your dishes kept moist with something as simple as a sprinkle of water over the leftovers or the placement of a damp paper towel over them. This will prevent foods from drying out like chicken “explained he.
Such ease!

Crispy Food that Goes Soggy in The Microwave

You enjoy reaching for the leftover pizza in the fridge, but you know it won’t stay crispy when you reheat it. What is the remedy? While it’s being microwaved, Kristopher advises soaking the surplus moisture with a paper towel. “When placing a pizza in the microwave, you can place a dry, folded paper towel under it. By doing this, you can prevent mushy reheated pizza and preserve your crust crispy. Several of our favorite crunchy meals go well with this “says he.

cooking hacks

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Chopping Onions

Do we really need to talk about cutting onions? Here’s how to control your sobs. Keep a wet paper towel close to your cutting board. “To make chopping onions easier, set a moist paper towel next to the onions. This is based on the theory that the acid that onions emit attracts water sources (like your eyes and nose). Therefore, you won’t cry if you put another water source—in this case, a moist paper towel—closer to the onions and their tear-inducing acids “He stated:

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Picking up Broken Glass

cooking hacks

Throw a glass to the ground? Is there currently broken glass and tiny pieces everywhere? This is what you require. Bread. You read correctly. “It becomes quite challenging to clean up the smaller pieces of glass that are left over after throwing away the larger pieces in a bag. But you can use a piece of bread to scoop up those little fragments by pressing it into the region “explained Kristopher.