Couple Christina Aguilera the Relationship Timeline of Matthew Rutler

Another chance at love! For more than ten years, Christina Aguilera and Matthew Rutler have maintained their success.

In the midst of her divorce from Jordan Bratman, the singer of the Fighter began dating the MasterClass executive in 2010. The former couple, who had a son named Max together, was divorced in October 2010 after getting married in 2005. A source told Us Weekly that they had been living apart for a while.

Our bond was altered. He has evolved as a person, just like I have. Both of us had distinct objectives in mind. We simply weren’t a good match. At the time, Aguilera admitted to People, “I couldn’t bear the thought of spending another five years together and feeling like I squandered that time being unhappy.

” I knew I had to quit it because the situation was so toxic and uncomfortable for both Jordan and me. Max watching our disputes wasn’t good for either of us or for Max.

Couple Christina Aguilera the Relationship Timeline of Matthew Rutler

Children are sensitive to when conditions in the home are not ideal. I experienced intense anxiety spells. Jordan was someone I truly didn’t want to upset, and I was conflicted about dividing our family.

After Aguilera made her relationship with Rutler public in late 2010, the Grammy winner’s divorce was finally resolved in February 2011 and made official in April.

There is affection present. She told the source, “I’m dating, and it’s something I haven’t had in a really long time. Rutler is the kind of person you could spend hours on the phone chatting to, and then all of a sudden it’s dawn,”

2012 saw the development of their connection into something unique, according to insiders. She gushed about his help during her self-esteem struggles that same year.

I’ve experienced both highs and lows; I’ve seen the full spectrum of what this profession has to offer. excessive thinness Having more size I automatically block out the noise. I cherish my body. She confessed to Marie Clare, “My guy loves my physique.” The fact that my son is healthy and content is all that counts to me.

Couple Christina Aguilera the Relationship Timeline of Matthew Rutler

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Aguilera and Rutler announced their engagement on Valentine’s Day in 2014, over four years into their relationship.

The same year, they welcomed their daughter Summer Rain but made it plain they weren’t in a hurry to be married.

She explained to Women’s Health in 2016 that they casually talk about wedding preparations while cuddling in bed. Aguilera continued to brag about their daughter, telling the magazine: I swear if I hadn’t called her Summer I would’ve called her Joy because she just lights up a room and radiates joy.

An informant then revealed to us that the two were still happy together despite not getting married.

Couple Christina Aguilera the Relationship Timeline of Matthew Rutler

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There are no current plans for a wedding. The way [Christina] and Matt are make them happy. The source stated in August 2022 that they are one of those couples that do not require a paper to establish their love for one another and that they are true homebodies who are deeply in love.

The insider continued, They like spending time together at home, just like any other couple would, but they also enjoy going on dates.