Dancers from Radio City Music Hall Read About a Day in My Life with Tiffany Billings!

and strike! Tiffany Billings is celebrating more than ten years as a member of the Christmas Spectacular, and Us Weekly has an exclusive look inside her day. The Radio City Rockettes have been a traditional part of Christmas for decades.

For twelve years, I have been a Rockette. Billings informed us that for the past eight seasons in New York, I have truly been a member of our evening company. She added that 36 Rockettes are currently performing on stage at once. We have two businesses; one is for the morning, and the other is for the night. This year, I switched to the morning, which was quite thrilling.

Billings’ itinerary was modified as a result. As opposed to arriving and starting at 5 o’clock during the evening performances, you start your concerts earlier throughout the day, she said. I’m really enjoying the slightly altered schedule I’m on now. When performing in Radio City in New York City twice or even three times a day, the dancer feels proud to return every season.

Rockette Tiffany Billings

Since the Rockettes first appeared in 1933, each and every year has left its mark on history. She told us, “It’s a very, really special thing to be a part of.” Moreover, I’m excited to dance at Radio City Music Hall. Actually, it’s the only place in the entire world where you can enjoy Spectacular’s magic.

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The performers’ connection is evident both on and off stage, according to Billings. We are all one other’s best friends, she continued, and we spend a lot of time together. We attend each other’s weddings and baby showers. We have a lot of different personalities, so what we can produce together is really, very special. Radio City is a unique location. Because the Rockettes do their own hair and makeup for every performance, the women backstage are also willing to provide a hand.

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I can still recall thinking during my first season, “Oh my my, I have to do a French twist?” How to do it eluded me. She continued, “And a lot of the veterans showed me exactly how they do their hair.” Everyone prefers to perform their French twist in a unique way, and my method is actually pretty different from others. Although it has taken me 12 years to master and get it correct, every person has their own hair care regimen. Additionally, we apply red lips and thick lashes to achieve the typical Rockette makeup style. We do appreciate it. Making preparations for the day’s performances is, in my opinion, a lot of fun.