Dc Fans React to The News that James Gunn Will Be the New Studio Head.!

The internet has spoken thoughts since DC attempted to start a cinematic world with 2013’s Man of Steel. Some saw Zack Snyder’s somber style as an indication of a more sophisticated approach to superheroes, a welcome change from the MCU.

Others felt that his films lacked the depth or intelligence to support his largely humorless approach, which was an uncomfortable contrast to the MCU. The internet continued to chirp even as director Zack Snyder stepped away from the core of the DC film universe, allowing James Wan, Patty Jenkins, and David F. Sandberg to create in-universe stories and Matt Reeves and Todd Phillips to make The Batman and the Joker according to their own visions.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the appointment of new DCEU leaders has elicited a variety of online reactions. The new boss of Warner Bros./Discovery has long been known. The DCEU needs a strong hand at the wheel, and David Zaslav has been searching for a Kevin Feige-like figure to lead it. Decisions like shelving Batgirl have only emphasized the necessity for this.

Dc Fans React to The News that James Gunn Will Be the New Studio Head.!

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But very few people, least of all those on the internet, expected Zaslav to pick James Gunn, director of the Guardians of the Galaxy MCU films and of The Suicide Squad, and producer Peter Safran to receive the job.

Some applauded Gunn for having a creative vision and a genuine affection for the characters, as shown by his employment of C-listers Groot, King Shark, and Peacemaker, and expressed their happiness with the choice. “To run this business like Feige, they needed a fan who is also a fantastic storyteller. Gunn is both and more, as one @DanielRPK tweet put it.

The user @D4hz4hn points out that Gunn “personally turned down doing a Superman reboot when WB first recruited him,” despite some people’s concerns that his irreverent and occasionally crass approach to superheroes may conflict with squeaky-clean figures like Superman and Wonder Woman. In fact, many users agreed, saying that Gunn and Safran would hire the correct creators rather than forcing Gunn to handle everything alone.

Some quickly advocated for DC Universe heroes to cross over with other characters in light of Gunn’s work on other fan favorites.

What are the possibilities of obtaining a live-action version of THIS? posted Spider-Man and Fantastic Four comic book writer Dan Slott beside a screenshot from an old team-up between Scooby-Doo and Batman and Robin. There have been requests for additional Harley Quinn films starring Margot Robbie, Top Gun: Maverick’s Glenn Powell as Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and, of course, a cut of Suicide Squad from original director David Ayer as a result of this shift in leadership.

For some, Gunn has to capitalize on the connections he made while working on the Guardians of the Galaxy films in order to create the most intriguing crossover. A user named @blurayangel speculated that “Kevin Feige said ‘never say never to a Marvel and DC crossover.” Will The Avengers ever appear alongside The Justice League? Contrary to these optimistic perceptions, many others viewed Gunn’s decision to join DC as a betrayal, best articulated through wrestling memes.

Dc Fans React to The News that James Gunn Will Be the New Studio Head.!

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Of course, the announcement infuriated a vociferous portion of the internet because neither Gunn nor Safran are Zack Snyder. The most popular posts criticising Gunn and supporting Snyder frequently make unfounded accusations about major crimes, which we won’t repeat here. Those who opted to just use the hashtags #bringbackZacksnyder or #restoretheSnyderverse, however, wanted to highlight the aspects of the director’s style that they find admirable. User @Signs2323 comments, “I want him and Zack together again,” referring to Henry Cavill’s most recent comeback as Superman.

Nevertheless, many have noted that Gunn and Snyder’s antagonism stems completely from their respective fan bases because Gunn penned the script for Snyder’s debut film, Dawn of the Dead. It’s time to reunite the band, tweeted @MoviesThatMaher alongside a picture of the two directors.

The best thing about James Gunn running the DC pictures, though, is that Jared Leto will probably never reprise his role as the Joker, as noted by @NicholasJLevi in one of the replies. The user must be referring to the fact that Leto will remain free for future Morbius sequels. What else might promote peace in the present day?