How Do I Delete Previous Google Searches From History?

In some ways, it is more familiar with you than you are with yourself. It is aware of every smartphone you considered purchasing, every YouTube video you viewed, and every humiliating health problem you have ever had.

Your Google Activity (formerly known as Google Web & App History) contains every search you’ve made on Google since 2005.

If you’ve ever considered erasing your Google search history, this piece will show you how to do so permanently, protecting your online privacy and ensuring that your past searches and browsing habits never surface again.

Do not delete anything from your company’s G Suite (previously Google Apps for Work) account without first checking your company’s acceptable use and data retention policy.

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What You Do in Cyberspace Is None of Anyone Else’s Business

delete all searches

What you do online is private, according to ExpressVPN. It’s not okay for anyone to monitor your online activity without your consent.

For the past decade, Google has been compiling a history of your searches, Gmail, and other Google services use unless you’ve turned off Activity History. Even if you often erase your browser’s search history, it can still track every link you’ve clicked, every image you’ve viewed, and every URL you’ve typed into the address bar.

Google then utilizes this profile to tailor its services to you based on factors such as your age, gender, language preferences, and specific interests. While this may be ingenious, it also represents a serious invasion of your personal space. You may prevent Google from collecting data about you by turning off the tracking features in your browser.

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Here’s the Lowdown on Wiping Off Your Online Tracks

Contrary to popular belief, erasing your browser history does not also remove your Google Web & App Activity. If you delete your browsing history, only the local copy will be removed. Erasing items from your browser history won’t affect information saved to Google’s servers.

Clearing your browser’s cache on a regular basis will remove your Google search history as well as any cookies, logins, and passwords recorded in your browser. This is especially important if you are concerned about privacy and preserving your data. Follow these instructions to remove all traces of your Google searches from any web browser.

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Methods for Deleting Search History from Your Google Account

When you’re signed into your Google account from any device, Google stores information on the websites you visit and the search terms you use. To bypass this step if you weren’t logged into Google when the unwanted searches were performed, continue on to the section on cleaning your browser history.

By clicking in the Google search bar on the homepage, you can see a list of your recent searches that you can delete individually. To remove a search from your recent history, click the Remove button.

You can remove a few recent searches this way, but if you want to delete everything you’ve ever searched for on Google, it’s too slow. To do so, go to your profile picture in the upper right corner of Google and select Manage your Google Account from the drop-down menu.

Choose “Data & Privacy” from the menu on the left. Launch the Web & App Activity tab in the box labelled History. The next screen, after selecting Manage all Web & App Activity, will show you a detailed history of your recent interactions with Google’s various products.

To delete a block that has the word “Search” on it, select it and then use the Delete button in the upper right corner. Select the Search box alone and click Filter by date & product at the top to quickly view only your Google Search history.

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Future Google Searches Should Not Be Saved to Your History

Google allows you to clear your search history whenever you like, but it might get annoying to do so every time. In its place, you can instruct Google to stop saving your search activity going forward.

You can do this by returning to the Web & App Activity page’s main menu and selecting Turn off from there. If you do this, Google won’t be able to use your search and other activities on Google services to give you a more tailored experience. In addition to preventing Google from tracking your future search activity, this feature also prevents Google from displaying your recent searches on the homepage.

Methods for Clearing Your Browser’s Search History

delete all searches

Just because Google stores your search history in your account doesn’t mean you’ve accomplished your goal of erasing all searches. It’s common knowledge that browsers keep a record of the sites you’ve visited in a separate history. As a result, the next step is to delete your complete Google search history.

We’ll show you how to do it with Chrome. In order to access the interface, click the three-dot menu in the top right corner, then select History > History. To quickly access this, simply press Ctrl + H (Windows) or Cmd + Y (Mac).

Select the boxes next to the items of history you wish to delete. When you’re done picking them out, hit the Delete button at the top of the page to permanently erase them. If you need to erase many searches from different locations, you can narrow the results to just those from by using the search bar at the top.