Deleted Star Trek 4 Film Would Have Referenced a Classic Next Generation Episode.!

The Star Trek Kelvin trilogy largely alluded to the original series and its spin-off films because it functioned as a retelling of Captain James T. Kirk’s travels on the USS Enterprise. In the 2009 Star Trek film, McCoy, played by Karl Urban, claims to be a doctor in a similar way to DeForest Kelly.

In Star Trek Beyond, Chris Pine’s Kirk quotes William Shatner’s Kirk from the TOS episode “The Corbamite Manuever,” saying that there is no such thing as the unknown, only the momentarily concealed. Because viewers are familiar with Khan, Star Trek Into Darkness builds to the revelation that Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is indeed Khan.

Deleted Star Trek 4 Film Would Have Referenced a Classic Next Generation Episode.!

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But J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay took their cue from a Next Generation episode, albeit one with TOS links, for the upcoming fourth Kelvin film. When describing their abandoned Star Trek 4 script to Esquire, Payne and McKay compared it to “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in space,” complete with “a unique villain and a really fascinating sci-fi notion at the core.

” Chris Hemsworth would have reprised his role as George Kirk, the Starfleet officer who momentarily took control of the USS Kelvin at the beginning of the 2009 reboot film.

In his dying moments, George Kirk talks with his wife, who is safe aboard an escape ship, asking her to help them christen their baby James Tiberius Kirk in honor of both of their fathers. Because of George’s sacrifice, his son later enlists in Starfleet and goes on to become the illustrious captain.

Payne and McKay emulated the strategy used in the sixth-season episode “Relics” to confront George and Jim. The Enterprise-D discovers Scotty, the original Enterprise engineer, alive and well in a transporter buffer after being maintained for 75 years in “Relics.” Once out of the buffer, Scotty uses a Dyson sphere to assist the new chief Geordi La Forge in solving an issue.

For Payne and McKay, “Relics,” which was filmed with a pre-ThorHemsworth, provided a straightforward answer to the issue of George’s passing. Our fantasy was that George Kirk had attempted to beam himself to his wife’s shuttle, where his son, Jim Kirk, had just been born, just before the Kelvin collided with that massive mining ship, according to Payne.

Deleted Star Trek 4 Film Would Have Referenced a Classic Next Generation Episode.!

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Even though the concept has strong science-fiction logic, Payne anchors it in realistic everyday behavior. He continued, “Imagine sending a text message where you’ve typed it out but haven’t quite clicked send. They can see the three little dots that were typed on the other side. The recovered version of George would be comparable to the three tiny dots who at last got the message.

The authors claimed that the plot will culminate in a grand adventure with a new antagonist at the fore. The initiative did not go much further than naming Matt Shakman, a former employee of WandaVision, as the director, thus it is unclear whether or not that would have been profitable.

Production on Star Trek 4 ended when Shankman rejoined the Marvel Cinematic Universe to direct the next Fantastic Four film. For Payne and McKay, who are currently the showrunners for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, things, however, seem to be going well. Who knows, maybe one day Hollywood may rescue their version of Star Trek 4 from the pattern buffer and distribute it in theatres.

Deleted Star Trek 4 Film Would Have Referenced a Classic Next Generation Episode.!

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