Do Brandon and Serene Get Engaged: Everything We Need to Know

Brandon Blackstock was born on December 16, 1976, in Fort Worth, Texas, to music industry professionals Narvel Blackstock, a music manager, and Elisa Gayle Ritter. They tied the knot in 1973, when they were only 17 years old, which was unusual at the time.

They were so in love that they couldn’t wait until they turned eighteen to get married. They had to work overtime at a variety of professions to make ends meet because, by the time they got married, they were both well past their prime and life had gotten difficult.

Three Blackstock children were born: Shawna Rene in 1973, Chassidy Celeste in 1978, and Brandon in 1979. After Narvel established himself as a music manager, he went on to found the “Starstruck” management firm.

Early Years

do brandon and serene get engaged

Brandon Blackstock entered the world in December 1976, in Fort Worth, Texas. Clarkson is managed by Brandon’s dad, Narvel Blackstock, and his mom is Reba McEntire. Since their 1989 wedding until his death in 2015, Narvel and Reba shared a happy and fulfilling 26-year marriage. Together, Narvel and Reba produced a single kid.

Soon after their wedding, Narvel and Reba established Starstruck Entertainment, a company that oversaw every element of Reba’s professional life. Reba’s wealth was reportedly divided 50/50 between her and Narvel after their divorce.

After becoming engaged in 2012, Brandon Blackstock and Kelly Clarkson tied the knot the following year. Blackstock’s marriage to Melissa Ashworth was still valid when they met. In 2012, Brandon and Melissa’s separation was completed. Brandon and Melissa raised two kids as a couple. Kelly and Brandon are the proud parents of a daughter and a son.

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Initially, he worked for Starstruck Management Group. He has a number of famous people as customers, including Blake Shelton and the Rascal Flatts. Also under his care was his ex-girlfriend Kelly Clarkson. During her 13 years working for Brandon, Kelly said she never saw him as a competent talent agent.

Since his breakup with Kelly, Brandon has made various changes to his personal life, suggesting that his career as a high-profile talent manager was not fulfilling enough for him. According to The Blast, Brandon has left his former profession to become a rancher.

He “made a very intentional choice to select his lifestyle and become a full-time rancher,” according to public data obtained by the website. Among his regular duties are taking care of the ranch’s animals and assisting with rodeos.

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Do Brandon and Serene Get Engaged

do brandon and serene get engaged

Simply adorable! Before the Season 8 launch of “Bachelor in Paradise” on September 27th, viewers are already shipping leads Serene Russell and Brandon Jones. In Mexico, how do they interact with one another? Read on for spoilers about an upcoming engagement and more!

The good news is that you, fans of Bachelor Nation, are in luck! Reality Steve says that Serene, 27, and Brandon, 27, got engaged while vacationing in Mexico.

The reality dating shows unquestionably speed up relationships, and there is very little time for couples to get to know each other before potentially getting engaged. Serene said that her experience on The Bachelor alum Clayton Echard’s season made her a better partner.

“My time on the program has definitely impacted how I will date in the future,” the elementary school teacher told Bachelor Nation in March. “Before I felt I was being so open in dating, but watching it again on TV I saw I had some barriers up.” “This trip has taught me so much about who I am, and I will be able to apply that knowledge to my future dating life.”

Since production concluded, they have been tight-lipped about their romantic status. There are some signs that their relationship is still continuing strong, including the fact that they follow each other on Instagram.

On September 11, Serene posted a selfie of herself smiling with a loving text. And then, as she put it, “everything clicks into place.”

Serene was introduced to viewers in the January premiere of Clayton’s season. The leading man, now 29 years old and dating Susie Evans of Season 26, eliminated her after the hometown dates.

When Serene and Clayton broke up, Serene still thought of Clayton as a “wonderful man” even after she sent him home. In February, the Oklahoma native told Entertainment Tonight, “I did a lot of work with my split and going home to make sure that I’m not putting my walls back up, so I certainly feel ready to find that person.” “If the appropriate chance comes along… and if I truly believe that is something that God has in store for me, then I would be open to it.

Michelle Young, a former Bachelorette, ended things with Brandon, the runner-up from her season last summer because he proposed to her at the show’s conclusion. The 29-year-old actress then proposed to her then-fiancé, Nayte Olukoya.