Does Angelina Pivarnick Discuss Her Relationship with Her Ex Chris Larangeria?

overcoming the challenges. After dating for two years, Chris Larangeira and Angelina Pivarnick were wed, but their marriage has since experienced problems.

The two have been friends for over ten years before they began dating in 2016.

Exclusively revealed by Us Weekly, the couple got engaged in January 2018.

Angelina told us at the time that we went to a lovely Italian dinner. When they got back home, she disclosed that Chris had written I Love You Angelina in flowers at his house.

The Jersey Shore star said, “I followed a trail of rose petals all the way to his bed.

The wedding was first recorded for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’s season 3 finale in November 2019. Three cast members—Deena Cortese, Nicole Snooki Polizzi, and Jennifer J. Woww Farley—served as bridesmaids, but things got awkward during their speeches.

Following the speech, Angelina stormed out after Jenni made fun of the bride. During an episode of the reality series on MTV in February 2021, Angelina and Chris recreated their special day.

Does Angelina Pivarnick Discuss Her Relationship with Her Ex Chris Larangeira?

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When Angelina admitted that she and Chris don’t have a lot of sex, she alluded to a potential problem between them at the moment.

She revealed in the show, “Unfortunately, Chris and I didn’t have sex, and there wasn’t sex on the actual wedding night either.”

Later, Angelina admitted that the pandemic had a negative impact on her marriage and that viewers would be able to observe the problems on the show.

With this pandemic, there was a lot. Unlike Pauly D and Nikki Hall, it did not significantly improve our relationship. She exclusively revealed to us in June 2021 that it actually had the opposite effect.

Throughout the season, Angelina detailed how a single argument between her and her spouse caused him to leave.

Does Angelina Pivarnick Discuss Her Relationship with Her Ex Chris Larangeira?

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In a June 2021 episode of Jersey Show: Family Vacation, she revealed, “We got into a quarrel, and he moved in with his mother, and it’s been a few weeks now.

She went on: Chris ripped up the Merry Christmas to my wife card before leaving and taking down his stocking because he wanted me to witness it done. Chris wanted me to see the removal of the stocking. Chris wanted me to see how all of his clothes had vanished. It’s simply not right for him to treat me like that because we got into a disagreement, you know?

Even though Angelina filed for divorce in January 2021, the US reported that their divorce case had been terminated almost two months earlier in September.