Does Dr. Glassman Have Cancer in The Good Doctor Season 6?

Let’s just say that before tonight’s The Good Doctor season 6 episode 19 on ABC, our level of dread for Dr. Glassman was high.

What was the character going through? He was getting a brain scan at Shaun’s request, mostly to check for the recurrence of his cancer, as we saw in the trailers for the episode. Since he failed to place a few sutures during surgery a few episodes ago, he has been plagued with this phobia. Although Richard Schiff’s persona claims that he feels well, could a spot on his brain cause things to change?

Shaun views Glassman as a father figure and a reliable source of guidance. The closer he comes to becoming a father himself, ideally at the end of the season, the more significant this person will be to him. Aaron’s prior protracted struggle with cancer is the kind of thing that leaves us totally afraid of whatever the present-day future may hold.
The Good Doctor season 6

Glassman will hopefully be okay; we do have a tendency to think that he will survive tonight’s program. Of course, in terms of the long term, that doesn’t really mean much.

So, What Happened Tonight?

We’ll soon have additional updates.

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Entering Tonight S The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 19, how Were You Feeling when It Comes to Dr. Glassman?

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