Dragon Ball Z Where to Watch? Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Release Order, Streaming Locations?

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball franchise, which has been active for almost 40 years, is one of his most well-known works. The franchise began as a manga that merged aspects from well-known martial arts movies with the classic Chinese narrative Journey to the West.

Currently, Dragon Ball has grown into a massive saga comprising movies, television episodes, fandoms, manga, and other media. It may be challenging to follow four decades of content in a single, linear timeline. Fortunately, we can assist you to learn how to watch Dragon Ball in chronological sequence.

The “Z” in “Dragon Ball Z” stands for what?

It might be helpful to explain for the uninitiated: Dragon Ball is a long-running manga created by Akira Toriyama that was released between 1984 and 1995. Between 1986 and 1989, it was turned into a 153-episode anime series of the same name. For a number of reasons, the anime changed its name to Dragon Ball Z when the main character Goku became an adult and had a son. Dragon Ball Z lasted for 291 episodes from 1996 to 1998.

dragon ball z where to watch

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The most well-known of all the Dragon Ball television series, Dragon Ball Z, as dubbed by Funimation and broadcast on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block, is what made the series popular outside of Japan.

Where is “Dragon Ball Z” Available to Watch?

There have been several thorough home video versions of Dragon Ball Z that are pretty simple to find. Through Amazon Prime, you can also buy individual episodes and entire seasons.

Dragon Ball can be seen in the following order:

Want to see a narrative from beginning to end? The Dragon Ball canon goes in the following order, albeit it differs from the chronological order in which the franchise’s media was initially released:

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  • All of the Dragon Ball episodes
  • Kai or Dragon Ball Z up until the conclusion of the Frieza Saga
  • Bardock, The Father of Goku, from Dragon Ball Z (TV Special)
  • From the conclusion of the Frieza Saga to the conclusion of the Cell Saga, in Dragon Ball Z
  • Trunks in Dragon Ball Z: The History (TV Special)
  • Super Dragon Ball

What was the release order for Dragon Ball? The chronological order of Dragon Ball:

This technique of viewing may be despised by some ardent Dragon Ball fans, but it’s important to note. This arrangement includes a lot more stuff than merely the canonical sequence because it does not take into account which portions are canon and which are not. The order of the release of Dragon Ball is as follows:

dragon ball z where to watch

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  • Toon Balls
  • Dead Zone, a Dragon Ball Z film (movie)
  • episodes of Dragon Ball Z 1–86
  • Bardock, The Father of Goku, from Dragon Ball Z (TV Special)
  • Episodes 87–107 of Dragon Ball Z
  • Bardock episode of Dragon Ball (movie)
  • Dragon Ball Z: The Strongest in the World (movie)
  • The Tree of Might from Dragon Ball Z (movie)
  • Lord Slug from Dragon Ball Z (movie)

Dragon Ball streaming locations: where can I watch Dragon Ball?

dragon ball z where to watch

The majority of the Dragon Ball world is available for streaming on Funimation. Streaming options for Dragon Ball Super include Hulu, Adult Swim, and Crunchyroll.