Drake Bell and Janet Von Schmeling Split After 4 Years of Marriage: Reports

It has ended. Several sources state that after four years of marriage, Drake Bell and his wife Janet Von Schmeling have separated.

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People on Page Six

reported that Bell, 36, and Schmeling, 28, parted up late last year on Monday, January 2. (Us Weekly has contacted Bell’s lawyer for comment.)

Schmeling initially stated on Instagram in November 2022 that the couple had broken up, but she later took down the post.

She appeared to allude to the marital problems a month later when she said on Instagram, “I’m healing and trying to find peace.” This will take time. We are in Florida with family and are secure. My son is with me and will remain with me. Here, we are discovering our enduring home.

Drake Bell and Janet Von Schmeling Split After 4 Years of Marriage: Reports

Schmeling posted on social media immediately after an eyewitness disclosed to Us Weekly in an exclusive that Bell was seen twice in December 2022 appearing to inhale balloons while his little son was in the rear of the car.

Bell’s behavior, according to American Addiction Centers’ chief medical officer Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, is a part of a growing trend.

According to research, more people than ever before have misused inhalants in the last year, he told us, adding that inhalant usage can result in abrupt death or cognitive impairment. It is quite risky.

Fans were startled when the actor revealed that he was a parent and a husband because he has previously kept his personal life private.

In response to a number of false reports, I have been married for almost three years, and my wife and I are fortunate to be the parents of an amazing boy. In July 2021, Bell tweeted. I appreciate all of my fans’ well wishes from all across the world.

Drake Bell and Janet Von Schmeling Split After 4 Years of Marriage: Reports

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The Drake & Joshalum posted on social media the day after being seen at Disneyland with Schmeling and his little child. After entering a guilty plea to two felony charges—attempted child endangerment and transmitting material harmful to minors—the outing marked Bell’s first public appearance.

The musician was indicted in June 2021 and initially entered a not-guilty plea. Later, he amended his plea to guilty for an alleged incident that allegedly happened in Cleveland, Ohio in December 2017 while he was performing there.

At the pretrial hearing, Tyler Sinclair, a spokesman for the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, read a statement in which he claimed Bell had broken his duty of care and put the victim in danger. The inquiry also uncovered that Bell sent the victim inappropriate social media messages in the months before the event.

One month later, Bell received a two-year probationary term. He added at the time, “I just want to say now that I accept this accusation since my behavior was incorrect.

” I’m sorry if the victim was hurt in any way, but it’s clear that wasn’t what I meant. I want to express my regret to her and anyone else who may have been harmed by my actions since I take this topic extremely seriously.

The musician was sentenced to 200 hours of community service in addition to probation, Us Weekly verified.

Drake Bell and Janet Von Schmeling Split After 4 Years of Marriage: Reports

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Depending on how the California probation department rules, the Amanda Show alum may be required to register as a sex offender and cannot communicate with his victim in any way.

Schmeling, who stood by Bell’s side during the legal difficulties, later expressed her support for her husband during his conflict with Josh Peck. Following the 36-year-old How I Met Your Father star’s memory of an embarrassing run-in with Bell at an earlier awards ceremony, Schmeling took to social media to offer her side of the tale.

Drake Bell and Janet Von Schmeling Split After 4 Years of Marriage: Reports

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Whenever someone inquired about Josh, I always said, “He is really kind.” Oh, they’re so wonderful. In March, she declared on her Instagram Stories, “I am done lying to everyone when Josh Peck is a complete piece of sh*t. Until lies are told, I remain silent.

Schmeling described in the lengthy video how Peck approached her husband in a cordial manner, adding, “We actually hung together after that.” Since then, we have spoken on numerous occasions. Josh, you are an f king lie.