During Team Meetings, Microsoft Will Allow Document Signing in Real-Time

Microsoft has developed prototype software for teams that enables electronic signatures to be used during virtual meetings. Windows Central claims the program may be used to have meeting attendees sign documents including purchase orders, invoices, and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) right during the meeting.

Teams Ecosystem Engineering created the demo app to demonstrate the concept to potential ISVs and other customers. Organizations that would like to utilize it in meetings can find the entire project and its documentation on GitHub.

In order to have all meeting participants review and sign off on a document, users can upload it to the app. It is compatible with authentication methods utilizing a single sign-on (SSO), such as Microsoft’s Teams SSO. According to the article, it also works with the Teams people picker, adaptive cards, and file sharing during the meeting stage.

During Team Meetings, Microsoft Will Allow Document Signing in Real-Time

Microsoft mentioned that the software might be modified for use in various situations requiring approval, such as code reviews and document collaborations.

As Microsoft Teams has emerged as the de facto standard for high-quality, in-the-moment teamwork, the requirement for electronic signatures during meetings has become paramount.

Clients frequently ask Teams Store to integrate with their preferred e-signature provider so that they can have their customers sign documents in-meeting.

Ecosystem Engineering has created a proof of concept for document signing in meetings, which can be used by any ISV or customer. Through this program, the document’s creator can choose which document needs to be signed and then add it to a scheduled conference call.

During Team Meetings, Microsoft Will Allow Document Signing in Real-Time

Users will be able to sign or examine the paper during the meeting depending on their function (signers or viewers). Since it uses Teams SSO for authentication, the process should go well. Purchase agreements, incoming bills, and nondisclosure agreements are frequent documents to sign during meetings.

Because the code is modifiable, ISVs can determine what kind of signature their clients need to employ (manual signature, electronic signature, or certificate-based signatures). In addition, the POC can be adapted to suit different uses, such as incorporating feedback from code reviews or accepting revisions to documents.

Currently, this is only accessible via a desktop client. The software’s soon-to-be-released mobile and online clients. Additionally, this is now only available for users within the same organization or tenant, but will soon be expanded to include visitor and anonymous users as well.