Eminem Reacts to Kendrick New Album: Rapper Kendrick Lamar’s Latest Album Has Left Eminem Stunned!

Musician and activist Kendrick Lamar is a household name in the African American community. He won the Pulitzer Prize for songwriting, and his forward-thinking, socially conscious music has only strengthened hip-hold hop’s on American culture. “35th Senate District’s Generational Icon” by the California Senate and the Obama administration welcomed Lamar to the White House to help promote the My Brother’s Keeper initiative are just two examples of Lamar’s work in favour of mentorship programmes in impoverished communities.

An interdisciplinary collection from the Library of Congress and external sources documenting Kendrick Lamar’s work and influence on American popular culture and African American history and culture in the fields of music, literature, and social change may be found in this guide.

Eminem Reacts to kendrick new album

Resource coverage includes biographical and professional data from the artist’s official website as well as information from open access research guides, articles from newspapers and magazines, interviews, blog postings, and original sources. Kendrick Lamar’s research at the Library of Congress is covered in this guide, as are resources on American popular culture and hip-hop that span a wide range of academic subjects.

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Kendrick Lamar’s New album

As a result of Kendrick Lamar’s new album Mr Morale & The Big Steppers, the Hip-Hop community as a whole had varied feelings about it. Several musicians had already expressed their opinions on the record over the weekend, and Eminem was no exception. Eminem sent a shout-out to K Dot’s new album on Sunday, May 15th, through Twitter. Having listened to the two-disc set for a few days, Shady Records’ founder Dr Dre took to Twitter to give his thoughts on it. “Kendrick’s new album is f****** crazy, @DrDre. To say the least, “Eminem sent a tweet.

Eminem Reacts to kendrick new album

It’s not just Eminem that thinks highly of K Dot’s fifth studio album. Others like Lupe Fiasco and Denzel Curry have weighed in with their thoughts on the record. While the album has received a lot of praise, it has also received some unfavourable criticism. “Auntie Diaries,” Kendrick’s song on his experiences with trans family members, has a homophobic slur that he repeatedly uses. But even though he had no intention of making fun of anyone, several people were offended by the song.

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Kodak Black was included on the album multiple times, and many people expressed their displeasure about it. Fans of Kendrick Lamar’s album tweeted, “I truly enjoy it!” “That being said, I despise the fact that the rapist is plastered all over the place. That disappointed me because I had high hopes. It’s ridiculous that you’re ignoring the rape conviction because you think Kodak is so good.

” There have been some negative reviews of Kendrick Lamar’s new album, but it is predicted to sell between 325 and 350 thousand copies in its first week. If the projections are true, Kendrick Lamar will have the year’s biggest release above Future and Bad Bunny.