Endeavor Season 8 Where to Watch: You Can Watch It on Amazone Prime

In “Endeavour,” a British television series, Shaun Evans plays a young investigator named Endeavour Morse who works in Oxford. This show follows John Thaw’s elder version of the same character from the long-running fan-favourite crime procedural “Inspector Morse,” which aired from 1987 to 2000.

The first season of the current TV series takes place in 1965 and follows Morse as he begins his career as a detective. Since the show’s inception, the seasons have progressed progressively in time to mirror Morse’s own development. With an average of three episodes every season, eight total seasons have been made available so far. With the debut of Season 8 on ITV on September 12, 2021, the show is now set in 1971, with Morse developing an alcohol problem as a result of the stress he faces when looking into mysterious cases.

New episodes of “Endeavour” premiere on ITV in the United Kingdom, however in the United States they typically air as part of Masterpiece on PBS with at least a few months’ delay. But what if you want to catch up on “Endeavour” right this second? You’re in luck, because there are several simple ways to marathon the well-liked police procedural.

Currently, viewers may watch Endeavour on Amazon Prime

endeavor season 8 where to watch

At the moment, Amazon Prime Video is the best option for “Endeavour” viewers to see back episodes from previous seasons. Amazon Prime subscribers may already view the first seven seasons of the show, with Season 8 coming soon. The British series “Endeavour” is available to stream on PBS.org for subscribers to the THIRTEEN Passport service, which is operated by New York Public Media and grants subscribers access to “excellent public television content, including current and prior seasons of PBS shows.”

If you don’t have any of those, you can still watch “Endeavour” on your own time by purchasing it digitally or in a store. If you want to buy a single episode or the entire season, you may do so on services like Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, and others. Season passes can cost anywhere from $9.99 to $29.99 depending on the format (some shows have fewer episodes than others, and others only come in HD or SD), but individual episodes typically cost $2.99 in HD and $1.99 in SD.

However, all episodes from the first seven seasons are currently accessible on iTunes. Seasons 1 and 2 of “Endeavour” are not currently available for digital purchase on Amazon, and similar restrictions may apply to other sites. Seasons of “Endeavour” can also be purchased on DVD or Blu-ray from retailers like Amazon, albeit the cost will be greater than if you were to purchase the episodes digitally.

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Who or What Is the New Season About?

A new year (it’s 1971 now), new cases, and new challenges await Morse, Thursday, and their crew. They’re called in to look into killings that may endanger not only the public but the detectives themselves, all while still processing the events of the preceding year. In the wake of Violetta’s untimely death at the end of Season 7, Endeavour has been on a downward spiral as he grapples with the weight of his feelings of grief, remorse, and love. But crime continues despite the sadness, and Oxford’s problems have grown worse than ever.

Endeavour and Thursday are constantly in conflict as tensions both within and without the team increase. Will their relationship be able to handle the stress?” Evans praised [Series Writer] Russell Lewis’s scripts for the current season, praising Lewis for his handling of Endeavour’s mental health issues in particular. “People are so complicated. Everyone wants to put a name on it and have an explanation for it. Yet you cannot.

One of the advantages of doing something on a longer time scale, where we keep coming back to it year after year, is that you can perhaps demonstrate this in a more nuanced fashion. Intentionally or not, that is what we’ve been working toward.

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Guidelines for Accessing Season 8 and Getting Caught Up

endeavor season 8 where to watch

Looking to start from the beginning or catch up on the previous season? With PBS Passport, an exclusive perk of membership, you can catch up on any and all seasons of Endeavour whenever it works best for you. Additionally, on Sunday, June 19, 2022, at 9/8c, PBS Passport subscribers can see all three episodes of Season 8 at once.