Episode 11 of Season 10 of “The Blacklist”: A Reveal for Reddington?

The Blacklist season 10 episode 11 will air on NBC tomorrow night, and it already seems like a major episode. Given that this article’s title is The Man in the Hat, how can it not be?

Given that Raymond Reddington will be involved in a hostage situation at a deli in Philadelphia, we know that this episode will be out of the ordinary for him. A large portion of this finally raises the issue of “why is he there in the first place”

Of all, the simple fact that Reddington was hungry is an easy reason for his whereabouts here. The man has a right to a fantastic sandwich whenever he desires, right? We don’t believe anyone would contest that.

But given that he is the criminal concierge, it does seem reasonable to question why he would allow himself to be taken, hostage. He poses a much greater threat than a regular robber would!

This is when things start to get intriguing because, based on what we can infer from the episode, Reddington probably has more going on than anyone is aware of. He can be attempting to entice someone away or make a distraction so he can carry out another strategy.

Remember that there is currently little information available about what the second half of this season will actually be about, but we have a tendency to believe that this episode will serve as a crucial launching point for much of it.

What is the most intriguing theory that exists? That the Reddington in Philadelphia is a phony, not the real Reddington. It’s one of those things that raises concerns as well as paranoia about what the future might hold.

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What do you think we will learn on The Blacklist season 10 episode 11, especially about Raymond Reddington?

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The Blacklist season 10 episode 11