Episode 4 of Season 4 of “Succession”: Kendall and Hugo Hatch a Scheme!

As we considerSuccessionseason 4 episode 4 as a whole, one thing becomes very clear: Kendall Roy is moving. Does Hugo follow suit? Okay, sort of. As is usually always the case in the show’s world, things are convoluted.

Let’s start with Hugo, whose daughter reportedly sold a significant amount of firm stock before to the announcement of Logan’s passing. As it turns out, there’s a risk that this will land him in a huge legal bind. Of course, it is very obvious that Kendall is not without his own share of skeletons. That, too, has been amply demonstrated throughout the years.

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Make no mistake: A week after his departure, Logan is still very much missed on the program. But the other characters did a terrific job of moving the plot along. For creator Jesse Armstrong, the same holds true. We don’t know if things will continue this way indefinitely, but it appears that Kendall and Roman will try to take the lead for the time being. Nothing seems to be completely resolved, at least not at this time.

It goes without saying that Kendall’s current strategy with Hugo is a very dangerous one. He wants to covertly launch a campaign against his father to give the impression that his children were in charge the entire time.

Succession Season 4 Episode 4

Although it gives him a more effective appearance, one issue with this is that Kendall is just using bluster. His presentation is constantly so different from reality, which is a big part of his problem. Roman is really a more effective leader in various areas, with the exception of those that involve leading. That’s where the confusion arises.

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What do you think is going to happen as we move past Succession season 4 episode 4?

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