Ex-Vlog Squad Member Jeff Wittek Is Suing David Dobrik for $10 Million After He Suffered a Stunt Injury!

When an excavator stunt that Dobrik did for his channel went horribly wrong, a former member of his Vlog Squad sued him for $10 million in damages. The Vlog Squad member was badly injured while filming for Dobrik’s channel. It’s been alleged that Jeff Wittek was nearly killed after being thrown around on a rope linked to an excavator controlled by Dobrik, according to new legal documents.

Wittek accuses Dobrik, 25, of “gross negligence and willful tort.” In this case, it is claimed that the influencer had a cracked skull, facial fractures, and almost lost an eye. Wage loss, loss of earning capacity, and considerable medical expenditures are all alleged by Wittek as a result of his injuries. TMZ broke the news of the lawsuit first.

During the month of June 2020 in Provo, Utah, there was an incident

During the month of June 2020 in Provo, Utah, there was an incident. Dobrik’s “social media comeback,” according to Wittek, included the act. In the beginning, according to the ex-Vlog squad member, the intention was to have Dobrik’s crew members ride various things like wakeboards on a line tied to an excavator they had sunk in a lake.

David Dobrik for $10 Million After He Suffered a Stunt Injury!

Alleges that Dobrik wanted everyone to be hung from the rope attached to the construction equipment without the use of any other rideable objects. The excavator was driving at “unsafe speeds” and slowed down too soon when it came time for Wittek to be thrown around, according to court documents. This caused Wittek to bang into the side of the machine and sustain “a multitude of injuries,” according to Wittek. In April of 2021, a video of the stunt gone wrong was uploaded to YouTube, but it has since been removed.

‘finally!’ He Posted a Photo of His Post-Op Recovery on Instagram

The video has been re-posted by a number of other accounts. No word yet from Dobrik’s rep, who was contacted by ET Canada. Social media has provided a glimpse into Wittek’s healing process. In February, he announced that he had undergone his ninth operation as a result of the tragedy and that he still had one more to go. ‘FINALLY!’ he posted a photo of his post-op recovery on Instagram. The two were once tight, but Wittek claims Dobrik has cut him off completely. According to him, Dobrik didn’t reach out to him after the tragic tragedy, which was discussed on his “Jeff FM” podcast in March. “I’ve been defending this person for so long, and there’s so much more to the story than just him not texting me for a week after I had such a serious surgery where I could’ve been blind,” Wittek said of the YouTuber. “I’ve awoken from my anesthesia after my procedure.

He hasn’t received a single text message in a day. Another day goes by and there is no new content. For whatever reason, his Instagram is the first one that f—ing appears when I search for him. “Oh, I’m so content with the way things are going in my life right now,” he declares. To promote his own channel, he posted “my vlogs and everything,” he explained. In my mind, I was thinking, “You have time to do this, but you can’t text me and say, ‘Hey, did you go blind or not from my actions?'” ” Finally, I’m ready to reveal the truth. I’ve given this scumbag so many opportunities. Despite the passage of more than a week, I have yet to hear even a peep.

In my entire life, I’ve had some of the worst experiences

” If you crush someone’s skull in, they don’t sue you or f—ing press charges. That is what you get when you have a “scumbag pal” like Dobrik.” Nearly dying, I came within an inch of both death and turning blind.” My brain injuries will last a lifetime, but I saved him from f—-ing everything. You would have been deported, you would have been jailed for murder, and you could have been sued for anything, but I took it on the chin instead. According to public statements made by Dobrik, he regrets what happened but believes Wittek came up with the act. On his “VIEWS” podcast in March, Dobrik commented, “The Jeff thing is the f—ing worst.

David Dobrik for $10 Million After He Suffered a Stunt Injury!

” In my entire life, I’ve had some of the worst experiences.” To relive that day again, I would do anything in my power.” In response, he said, “I wish it were me up there.” “It’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard of. And it’s an accident, not a crime. In fact, that’s exactly what happened. “It was just a mistake,” she said. Dobrik explained Wittek’s role in the hoax by saying, “I think one of the primary reasons Jeff is disappointed with me right now is that he saw me conduct an interview where I mentioned something that I told him I’d keep between us.”

He’s Mad with Me for Breaking a Promise,” He Says

“He’s mad with me for breaking a promise,” he says. Claims that Wittek made Dobrik swear that he would never reveal that the stunt was his idea were made by Dobrik. Asked: “Can you guarantee me one thing?” Please promise that no one will ever suspect that this was my idea.'” According to Dobrik, Wittek had an alleged conversation with Dobrik. “I got harmed because I was driving,” the YouTuber stated. You know what? That is the truth, and I f—-ing know it, and as I said, whenever I have the chance, I’ll go back and change my mind.” My greatest regret will be that. My whole life. A moment like that has haunted me for a long time now, and I’m afraid there will never be another like it.”

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