What Is a Siem Exabeam?

IT analysts may gather immeasurable log data with the cutting-edge Exabeam Security platform, apply behavioural analytics to find breaches, and instantly react to incidents. Exabeam Siem offers a comprehensive siem solution that is economical and effective. Advanced Exabeam technology employs a behavior-based approach to detect risks, aggregate any pertinent events, sift out permissible events, and apply machine learning to further discover breaches in real time.

False positives are easily weeded out when typical behaviour is tracked. By increasing detection rates, this makes sure that all alerts—even those coming from systems that generate plenty of alerts—are taken into account. IT security teams may operate more intelligently thanks to the Exabeam security platform.

Why Is Siem Exabeam Crucial for Businesses?


Exabeam security may gather and conveniently search your data resources in a crucial repository without leading to compromises because of a limited budget or a lack of flexibility. It combines cutting-edge log data architecture with anticipated user-based pricing, making this viable.

Automate and Plan the Incident Response Process

With this solution, analysts of any level are able to combine various interfaces with commercial security systems to automatically launch playbooks for responses in place of manuals, launch error-prone processes to ensure prompt, consistent outcomes, and accelerate response times.

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Alternatives for Flexible Deployment

In addition to being placed on-premises, SIEM as a Service can also be made available as a software service, through a well-regulated security service provider, or both, which aids in the migration of both CIOs and CISOs to the cloud.

Services for software By deploying Exabeam SMP, which serves as a primary cloud service, the cloud can help reduce the deployment, conservation, and operational overhead of Siem. SaaS cloud ingests and behaviorally assesses log data from on-premises or cloud sources to authorise businesses to identify, assess, and react to issues.

Finding and Auditing Complex and Insider Threat Breaches

A user of Exabeam can employ behavioural analytics to identify suspicious activity and question lateral moves within your organisation, while embedded machine timelines tend to shorten the amount of time and any specialised knowledge needed to identify an attacker’s tactics, strategy, and procedures.

Cyberattacks are evolving and growing more difficult to identify. Because correlation rules lack context and frequently lead to false negatives, they won’t be able to help your company identify assaults. Attacks are automatically identified through behavioural analysis with the aid of Advanced Analytics tools.

Exabeam Threat Intelligence Service handles integration completely, allowing you to use real-time intelligence to investigate potential risks within your organisation, find Indicators of Compromise, and uncover malicious activity.

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Records Every Security Occurrence

Data security with Siem Exabeam is scaleable. Analysts can easily maintain it because it is a sizable data platform that is coupled with a security interface. Additionally, a data lake and Exabeam Cloud Archive interface enables simple and convenient long-term data log archiving.

Discovers Hidden Data Easily

Session data devices and models are used by Exabeam Developed Analytics to identify the most risky actions and call your attention to them. Organizations can often identify attackers or suspicious users more quickly thanks to innate timelines.

Be Wise in Your Decision

Your SOC IT team’s analysts are automatically guided by predetermined playbooks when using Exabeam Incident Responder to handle security breaches. It becomes predictable, well-structured, and with evidence of what to demonstrate your appraiser how to handle internal risks, malware operations, and phishing. Data Lake makes it feasible to have built-in compliance reporting.

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Among These Compliance Regulations Are;


  • CIP.
  • Law Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • PCI-DSS.

They are essential in showing loyalty to your business. Diverse security information ensures that the proper security measures are put in place and that operation go as planned. You can show your superiors that you are following their orders by doing this.

Finding Lateral Movement

Cyberattacks can travel laterally by leveraging machines, devices, IP addresses, and private passwords to browse around many networks in pursuit of valuable assets. Since log data must be examined from all angles and the breach’s source must then be determined, finding such an attack will be challenging. With its technologies to trace harmful activity regardless of changes made to the computer, IP address, or credentials, the Advanced Analytics package is useful.


Our age has seen an increase in cyberattacks, which is where Siem Exabeam comes in. Based on some of the benefits mentioned above that come together with this updated detecting technology, you are certain to be safeguarded from dangerous actions with advanced tools.