Find My Phone by Number: View the Technique for Finding a Phone by Number!

There are numerous methods for finding a smartphone’s location. The built-in location tracking features are available on both Android and iPhone smartphones. These services are available as long as the phone’s GPS location services are turned on and the user has given an app permission to access this data.

These location-tracking services can be used to locate my phone in a number of different methods, some of which are shown below.

How Can I Locate My Phone by Number?

Many folks wish they could look up my phone number. Unfortunately, there isn’t an app that will reveal a phone’s location based solely on its phone number. Any Google Play Store app that makes such a claim is a fake. A mobile phone’s location can only be tracked by using software that has been installed on the device. To use the location services on the phone, the software needs authorization from the phone’s owner.

find my phone by number

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Use Google’s Find My Device to locate an Android phone.

Finding your Android phone’s location is quite simple. If location services are enabled on your Android device, you may use Google’s Find My Device website as a Google phone tracker to learn where your phone is at any given time. Once you’ve done that, Google Maps will display a pinpoint of the precise GPS location of your phone, indicated by a small green icon.

If you don’t have access to your phone right now, you can still use the three services listed to the left of the map:

Play: Even if your phone’s volume is on silent, the alarm will sound for five minutes. You should hear the phone ringing if it is anywhere near you.

Secure Device: If you know your phone has been lost, you can lock it so no one can access it. With this option, you can still find your device and—even better—display a phone number that someone can use to contact you in the event that they find it.

You can remotely delete everything on your smartphone to make it completely unusable if you’ve given up.

find my phone by number

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Make sure you have enabled location services on your phone and have given Google permission to track your whereabouts. Navigate to Settings > Google to do so. To allow tracking, tap Find My Device and turn it on. But as soon as you link your phone to a Google account, Find My Device is usually activated.

Your phone must also be on, connected to the internet, set to allow Find My Device, and available on Google Play in order for it to function.

So you can immediately use one of these features to protect your information in the event that you lose your phone.

Use Find My iPhone on Apple to locate an iPhone.

Apple’s Find My iPhone service allows you to find an iPhone’s location.

You must activate location services on your iPhone for this to function, much like when tracking an Android device. If you do, you may use a computer or other device to log into iCloud and track your iPhone in the same way. From an Android device, it makes it simple to locate your iPhone.

Google Maps: Share Your Location

Sharing your position through Google Maps, one of Maps’ biggest features, is another cool method to let your family or friends track the whereabouts of your phone.

This is a fantastic way for a parent to give their family peace of mind while they are away, for whatever reason. It’s a terrific approach for parents to locate their children wherever they are in the world. You can utilize your Android phone as a GPS tracking device by using Google Map‘s location-sharing feature.

find my phone by number

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Why Location Access on Mobile Devices Is Fantastic

It’s simpler than ever to find a phone, whether you use Google or another phone-finding service. There’s absolutely no excuse for ever being unaware of the location of a crucial item, even a loved one’s phone.
After trying one of these, the sensation may become rather compulsive. Where is my phone now located? Now, how about that? N

ever before has knowing where your phone is right now been so intriguing. We wholeheartedly endorse it for finding out a mobile phone’s position on your own property.