Fire Stick Remote Not Working: How To Make Your Fire Stick Remote Work Again?

The remotes used by the Fire Stick and other Fire TV devices are a little different from the majority of the other remotes in your home. These seven troubleshooting suggestions should be helpful in determining why your Fire Stick remote abruptly stopped functioning.

What Impairs a Fire Stick Remote’s Function?

Many different factors can either prohibit a Fire Stick remote from functioning altogether or make one never function at all. The most frequent concerns include battery issues, objects in the way that block the remote’s signal, and electronic interference. Don’t forget that you can always try resetting your Fire Stick to factory defaults if all else fails.

The following are the most typical causes of a Fire Stick remote not functioning:

Batteries: Battery issues are the most typical cause of Fire Stick remote malfunctions. A Fire Stick remote’s inability to function can be brought on by incorrectly placed batteries, low battery power, and other related problems.

Pairing: Your remote won’t operate if you haven’t connected it to your Fire Stick. Every time you use a replacement remote, you must first pair it.

Theoretically, the Bluetooth Fire Stick remotes have a range of roughly 30 feet because they do not employ infrared technology. The actual range is frequently smaller.

Obstructions: While you don’t need a clear line of sight to operate your Fire Stick and remote, the range can be significantly decreased by obstacles.

Interference: Equipment that interferes with Bluetooth communications may render your remote inoperable.

Make sure the replacement remote you bought for your Fire Stick is compatible before using it.

Your Fire Stick remote may cease operating due to damage, including external issues like water damage and inside problems brought on by faulty parts.

Identify Fire Stick Remote Battery Issues

The batteries are the most frequent causes of remotes for Fire Sticks not functioning. The biggest problem is that Bluetooth is used by Fire Stick remotes instead of infrared and that Bluetooth connections can become unpredictable as battery life decreases.

fire stick remote not working

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Identify and Fix Remote Pairing Issues

The included remote should already be paired when you purchase a new Fire Stick or Fire TV device. This indicates that when you first set up your Fire Stick or Fire TV device, it should automatically recognize inputs from the remote without any additional setup required.

It’s possible that your Fire Stick and remote weren’t initially paired or that they are gradually unpaired over time as a result of a bug. In those circumstances, fixing the remote frequently solves the issue.

Check for issues with Fire TV remotes related to distance and obstruction

There is no need for a direct line of sight because the Fire Stick and Fire TV remotes employ Bluetooth rather than infrared technology. Because the direction the remote is facing has no bearing on how strong the Bluetooth signal will be, you don’t even need to point it at your device. A Bluetooth device’s potential range, like the Fire Stick control, is roughly 30 feet, but many factors can cut that range down. The remote’s range can be significantly shortened by any objects in the way of the Fire Stick or Fire TV.

Here’s how to determine whether your issue is with distance or obstructions:

fire stick remote not working
  • Bring your remote control up near to your Fire Stick.
  • Remove any obstacles that are in the way of your remote and your Fire Stick.
  • Use the Fire Stick extension dongle to move the device if the remote only functions when held
  • behind the TV or when the TV is right up next to you.

Remotes for fire sticks and interference

Bluetooth has various advantages over infrared, such as the fact that a lack of a line of sight between the remote and the Fire Stick just limits the range rather than rendering the remote useless. In contrast to infrared remotes, Bluetooth remotes can be interfered with.

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Examine your surroundings to check whether you have any of the following items close to your Fire Stick:

  • ovens with a microwave
  • Portable speakers
  • unprotected coaxial cables
  • cellular devices
  • Portable speakers
fire stick remote not working

Additional wireless devices

Consider moving any wireless or other objects that could interfere with Bluetooth that is close to your Fire Stick. If that isn’t a possibility, try turning each one off and unplugging it separately to see if that makes your Fire Stick remote functional. By doing so, you ought to be able to locate the interference’s source and take appropriate action.

How to Make a Fire Stick Remote’s Volume Work Again

Compatible with Fire Stick Remotes

If you purchased a replacement Fire Stick remote and were unable to pair it with your device, your problem may be due to a compatibility problem.

fire stick remote not working

The Fire Stick, additional Fire TV accessories, and Fire TV remote all come in different generations, and they are not all compatible. Make sure a remote works with your model by reading the product description before purchasing.

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Use the Fire TV Phone App, maybe

Your Fire TV remote may not work properly or may have been broken if you’ve tried all of your other alternatives. Buying a replacement remote is your best course of action in that situation. In the meanwhile, you can actually control your Fire Stick or Fire TV device with an Android or iPhone.