Amazon Firestick Not Working: 2022 Troubleshooting

The Amazon Firestick is a fantastic streaming media player that allows you to easily stream content from nearly any service to your TV. Both the Amazon Fire TV app store and the Amazon Luna game streaming service include a wide variety of exciting video games. However, this article will help you fix any problems you may be having with your Firestick.

The Causes of Loading Issues with The Amazon Fire Stick

firestick not working

Issues with your Amazon Fire Stick, a blank screen in place of media, or apps that won’t load can be traced back to antiquated software, poor network connections, or a lack of power.

Power problems are a less likely reason for a non-functioning Fire Stick than, say, accidentally choosing the wrong HDMI input or failing to turn on the TV. Every frequent Fire Stick problem, such as a blank screen, no signal, or media that won’t play, has a workaround.

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Troubleshooting a Non-Working Fire Stick

Fire Stick issues, such as trouble connecting to Wi-Fi or launching apps, can be investigated and fixed in a number of ways. Some of the better options are mentioned below, in order of difficulty and length of time required to implement. We advise going through the below checklist of checks and fixes in the order presented.

Put on the TV and make sure it’s on. However, many TVs still require human activation through the supplied remote, even if they have the ability to power on automatically when an HDMI source is activated. Inactive Fire Stick functionality is completely lost.

Hold down the Select and Play buttons on the Fire Stick’s remote for 10 seconds to force the device to restart. Many loading problems including the black screen bug can be remedied by just restarting.

Verify that the HDMI port on your TV is active. If your Fire Stick is not detected when you switch it on, check to make sure you have it plugged into the correct HDMI port. In all likelihood, your TV won’t change channels without your intervention.

Put to use a direct current power supply. Instead of using an adapter or surge protector, or hooking the Fire Stick into your TV or another device, use a wall outlet to supply power.

Hold on a sec. A Fire Stick may take a while to load content or apply software upgrades. If you switch on your Fire Stick and see the loading logo for more than 10 minutes, try restarting the device.

Make that the batteries are still OK in the Fire Stick’s remote. To determine if a fresh set of batteries may solve the issue, try replacing the old ones.

Find out if you can connect to the web. One typical reason why apps and content won’t load on a Fire Stick is that it can’t connect to Wi-Fi. Connect your smartphone or other smart device to the same Wi-Fi network to test its functionality.

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How Come the Display on My Fire Tv Stick Is Black?

firestick not working

Selecting the incorrect HDMI input on the TV is a common cause of a black screen or no image being displayed by a Fire Stick. Try switching the HDMI input using the Input or Source button on the TV remote if the TV displays a no signal problem message.

Power issues, when the gadget doesn’t have enough juice to function normally or switch on, are also prevalent. Connecting the Fire Stick to the wall is the recommended method. Media players and streaming sticks are susceptible to instability while using surge protectors and power adapters. Although the black screen when trying to use your Fire Stick can be annoying, the problem is usually easy to fix.