Five Fantastic British Breweries You Should Try

It’s fair to say that the Brits love beer, and when visiting the country nothing quite beats a British pub serving British beer.

Over the last decade the craft beer revolution has seen many British breweries lead the way when it comes to new styles and pushing the industry forward, and today in every town and city you’ll find breweries offering their take on IPAs, stouts and even non-alcoholic variants.

Many are now exporting their produce worldwide, so if you’re looking for something exciting when it comes to British beers, here are five breweries you should look to try…

Cloudwater Brew Co.

Founded in Manchester in 2015, Cloudwater Brew Co. has quickly made a name for itself in the UK’s craft beer scene. They specialize in brewing seasonal and limited edition beers, so you’re always in for a surprise when you visit their taproom. Their beers are also available in bottles and cans and are shipped around the world.

The Kernel Brewery

Located in London, The Kernel Brewery is one of the city’s best-known craft breweries. They focus on brewing traditional British beer styles with a modern twist, using only the finest ingredients. They also have a taproom on what is known as the Bermondsey Beer Mile, with over 20 breweries located along a mile strip, perfect for any beer fan visiting the UK capital.

Wild Beer Co.

Based in Somerset, the Wild Beer Co. is all about experimentation. They use wild yeasts and bacteria to create unique and complex flavors in their beers. Their flagship beer, Wild Goose Chase, is a must-try for any craft beer lover.

Nirvana Brewery

Nirvana Brewery is a London-based brewery that specializes in brewing alcohol-free beer. While this may seem like an odd choice for a craft brewery, Nirvana’s beers are anything but bland and comes in the wake of a period where more people are suffering from alcohol addiction than ever before. Built for those turning their back on alcohol, for a variety of reasons, they use a variety of brewing techniques and ingredients to create complex and flavorful beers that just happen to be alcohol-free.


Verdant are a Cornish brewery that have really set themselves apart from the rest in recent years with some fantastic pale ales. Vegan friendly, they specialise in uber hoppy pales, IPAs and DIPAs, and are coming up to celebrating their 10th year in business. They have a range of beers covering all ABVs from nice, sessionable drinks through to some heavier stuff, all worth sampling.