Free Books for Your Amazon Kindle to Download-Check Here Full List!

Books for the Kindle are available elsewhere as well. There are thousands of these books available for free and legal download to your Kindle.

To make adding your own books to Kindle simpler and faster, keep a few things in mind.

First of All, Remember to Pick up The Right File Format.

While the majority of ebook platforms use the epub file format, Kindle devices and apps support the Mobi file format (also called PRC). Please make sure you obtain the file in this format only from any of the sites listed below if you decide to use one of the files.

Ebooks are available in a format called kd8 in the Kindle Store. It enables you to include multimedia elements in the ebook. Mobi will continue to receive support. You shouldn’t worry that Amazon will stop selling it or will make it incompatible with Kindle or Kindle apps.

From These 9 Websites, Download Free Kindle Books

First, Project Gutenberg

The best site to download free classics is Project Gutenberg, which has been hosting ebooks since 1996. It is the main source of free ebooks in the public domain. When a title becomes public domain, it denotes that the author’s rights have lapsed and that the book is now freely accessible to the general public. Public domain books can be downloaded for free from Project Gutenberg.

free books for your amazon kindle to download

Two. Smashwords

A popular online destination for ebooks from self-published writers and publishers is Smashwords. Over 100,000 self-published authors currently have over 500,000 books available. Not only will you be able to download books in the mobi or pdf format, but you’ll also be able to read them online in your browser.

A well-known site for recently published independent ebooks is Smashwords. Additionally, Smashwords is a good place to go if you’re seeking free Kindle books in languages other than English because you should be able to locate them there.

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Kindle Store 3.

The Kindle Store offers a sizable number of free ebooks, did you know that? Finding them is the tricky part.

Going to “Bestsellers in Kindle Store” and selecting “Top 100 Free” is the greatest option for obtaining free books. The most downloaded free books from the Kindle Store will be shown to you.

free books for your amazon kindle to download

The list is updated many times daily and compiles the most popular free games that are currently accessible.

4. The Internet Archive.

The goal of the nonprofit digital library The Internet Archive is “universal access to all knowledge.” A vast digital library of text, audio, and video files can be found on the website.

There are more than 25,000,000 completely accessible books and other text files in the collection. From here, you may also begin browsing a selection of 1.3 million modern ebooks, which you can borrow for nothing once you create an account.

Visit to access the ebook portion. American Libraries, Canadian Libraries, Project Gutenberg, Million Literature Project, and children’s books are just a few of the sub-collections.

Five. Open Library

The independent effort called Open Library by Internet Archive aims to gather library records. For every book ever published, one web page is intended to be created. You can locate all of a book’s known editions on a single page.

The Open Library website is simpler and easier to use than the Internet Archive, which has a large catalog and sophisticated search tools, and you can discover the books you need much more quickly.

Over 3 million books are “accessible,” which means they may be read online or downloaded for free when you visit the Classic Books area.

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6. ManyBooks

With a simple and welcoming layout, ManyBooks provides free books. The website accepts advertisements, but these are often shown at the bottom of the browser window and are not particularly bothersome.

Project Gutenberg and other websites that offer books with a Creative Commons license are where the majority of books are obtained.

free books for your amazon kindle to download

Over 50,000 books are available in total, all of which have attractive covers. Additionally, each book is accessible in multiple file formats, which is much more than what is offered elsewhere.

7. Goodreads

Books in Mobi/Kindle format are also available on Goodreads, the largest website for finding new books. Goodreads users submit the books, which are then shown in a dedicated catalog.

There are just 2,500 books listed in the Books with Free Download section of Goodreads, but they are all quite intriguing books. For instance, J.K. Rowling’s short story Harry Potter: The Prequel, which takes place roughly three years before Harry Potter is born, is available for download. It tells the story of a journey James Potter and Sirius Black took.

8. BookRix

Combined with free books from the public domain, BookRix is a marketplace that sells books from self-published writers.

A list of free ebooks is a crucial component of the website. You’ll typically find the most well-liked subgenres at the top of a list, such as literary fiction, fantasy, romance, thrillers, and young adult fiction.

You will find books arranged by popularity when you enter any category. You can get free books from modern writers by clicking on the top of the page.

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9. DigiLibraries

Nearly 30,000 titles are available on the website, which serves as an online library of free ebooks. The website is incredibly well-kept and simple to use, and this alone makes it worthwhile to explore.

free books for your amazon kindle to download

You most likely won’t require a search box at all. You can just select the category you are interested in from the left sidebar to view a list of books ranked by popularity.

Additionally, if a category is big enough, choosing a subcategory will allow you to further whittle down the list of books that are displayed. There are numerous categories from which to select.