The Best Online Fax Services for 2022

A fax must occasionally be sent. However, not many people even have access to or possession of a fax machine. You could always pay to use a traditional fax machine at your neighbourhood print shop, but it’s expensive and a hassle. In comparison to a real fax machine, online fax services are far more cost-effective to operate and frequently include extras like digital signature tools. Whether you frequently send faxes or hardly at all, the top online fax services make your life simpler.

If you switch to an online fax provider, you might be able to get rid of your all-in-one printer that also offers faxing capabilities. Many online fax services offer the opportunity to obtain a personal fax number that you can use to send and receive fax pages via email, a web portal, or even desktop and mobile apps. Even though these services exist, faxing is still a painful process.

Online Faxing: What Is It?

free fax online

With the best online fax services, sending and receiving faxes is possible without a fax machine. You normally create a PDF or scan the desired document pages before sending a fax. simply upload the file to the fax service after that. Next, you enter other details, like the recipient’s name and fax number, and you can optionally include a cover page. All other matters are handled using the online fax service. The recipient receives the documents exactly as if you had sent them through fax.

A paid account is typically required in order to receive faxes through an online fax service. The majority of the time, faxes you receive can be retrieved digitally by logging into a web site or by being delivered to your email. You need an account with a paid membership plan if you intend to use an online fax service frequently.

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E Fax

You can send and receive faxes using the eFax service via email, a mobile app, or a web interface. The service’s mobile app is great, and it lets you set up toll-free and international numbers. However, eFax is limited by its costly price, one-time setup fee, security and performance difficulties, and a poor web user interface.

Prices start at $16.95 per month, which covers 150 pages of both receiving and outgoing faxes. Additionally, there is a $10 one-time setup charge. (Note: Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc., which runs eFax, is a minority shareholder of Ziff Davis, Inc., the parent company of PCMag.)

Fax. Plus

An inexpensive, simple-to-use, and feature-rich internet fax service is Fax.Plus. It’s one of the best online fax services available, with adjustable pricing, a free tier, and top-notch mobile apps. You can transmit 10 pages in total at no cost with a free Fax.Plus account, but you cannot receive faxes.

Each extra page costs 20 cents. Electronic signatures, multiple recipients, and mobile app users are all supported in this free tier. One of the most affordable services we’ve tested, paid plans start at $5.99 a month for 100 pooled pages, which means either delivered or received (aside from the free options). When you go over your allotted pages, Fax. Plus charges 10 cents for each page.

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Most of your demands for sending faxes can be met by the freemium fax service FaxZero. Even though it is somewhat basic, it is the only free service we examined with reloading page allotment. Each fax can be up to three pages long and you can send up to five of them per day (plus a cover page).

In terms of delivery times, paid client faxes take precedence over free ones. With the free tier, FaxZero customises cover sheets with its logo. Paid faxes offer a flat rate of $2.09 for up to 25 pages plus a cover sheet, but payment must be made through PayPal. FaxZero is the best choice if you don’t want much from a fax service, including the capacity to receive faxes.


free fax online

With a nice user interface, reasonable pricing, and an integrated editor that makes working with attachments straightforward, HelloFax is a great online fax service. You’ll never have to deal with the trouble of printing and manually submitting papers again thanks to integrated form-filling and digital signature features. HelloFax remains one of our top recommendations among online fax providers, despite our disappointment at its absence of a mobile app.

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I Fax

An internet faxing service called Fax offers PC and mobile apps. Its pricing plans don’t offer an appealing price, and using the service’s mobile apps would cost you significantly more for most plans. Plans start at $9.99 per month, which allows you to send 200 faxes each month, however, this tier excludes receiving faxes and giving you a fax number. The capacity to receive faxes, receive faxes, and send and receive more pages are all included in more expensive plans.