Full-Time Magister Where to Watch? Full-Time Magister: Where Can I Find It?

Please tell me how to view “Full-Time Magister.” There are a total of four seasons of the ONA series. There is a watch order for the Full-Time Magister in today’s post. Action, fantasy, magic, and school are the primary genres of this anime. Developed and produced by Shanghai Foch Film, TV Culture Investment Studio, Tencent Penguin Pictures, and China Literature Limited.

How Many Seasons Does Full-Time Magister Have?

This series has aired for five seasons. In a season, there are twelve episodes. ONA is the typeface for all the series. There is not a single filler episode in any of the seasons. To fully appreciate the anime, you must watch all 60 episodes.

An Order for a Full-Time Magister Watch

Can you tell me which episodes of Full-Time Magister should go on first? This is accurate. This is an order for a permanent Magister Watch

full time magister where to watch

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Full-Time Magister (Season 1)

12th episode

It aired between September 2 and November 4, 2016.

Magisterial service on a full-time basis (Season 2)

12th episode

From September 15th through December 1st, 2017

The Magister is a full-time position (Season 3)

12th episode

From October 12 until December 22, 2018

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Magisterial service on a full-time basis (Season 4)

12th episode

Dates Aired: May 27-June 24, 2020

Magisterial service on a full-time basis (Season 5)

12th episode (Currently Airing)

Duration: July 28 – October 6, 2021

Full-Time Magister: Where Can I Find It?

All four seasons of Full-Time Magister are currently available on YouTube. You can find a Playlist here. You don’t have to invest a penny to view all 48 episodes.


Dub is something that a full-time magister has.

Yes, but not yet. This anime is licensed by Sentai Filmworks, but we don’t have any official word from them. The English Subbed version is the only way to enjoy this.

full time magister where to watch

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The question is whether or not Full-Time Magister is worth seeing.

The plot of this anime is well-developed. Overall, things aren’t great, but they’re also not terrible. This is an anime that you should only see once in your entire life. Avoid disappointment if you keep your expectations low for this anime.

The Full-Time Magister series can be seen in this order. Make sure you follow the watch sequence before you begin watching this series. We sincerely hope that our answer to “What Order Do I Watch Full Time Magister Series?” has been helpful to you.