What Dc Films Should You Watch to Fully Experience Black Adam?

The one question I get asked more than any other whenever a new superhero film is out is, “What do I need to know or have watched before to comprehend this one?” by my friends who aren’t as familiar with the genre as I am. It can provide a range of responses for most Marvel Cinematic Universe films,

however, for the majority of DC films, the answer is typically absolutely nothing due to their generally sporadic continuity. People are once again questioning what DC movies they need to see before watching Black Adam, a DC movie about a very unimportant character that recently opened theatres and featured other heroes and villains making their big screen debuts in front of their largest audiences ever.

I am happy to announce that Black Adam is a perfectly self-contained movie, which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about these individuals and the universe they inhabit. However, at the risk of really completely messing myself over and having you all bounce right out of this blog, HOWEVER!

There are definitely a couple of other DC movies you should check out, with one I’d very much consider a must-watch if you want to go give yourself a greater understanding of the movie and the interesting DCEU Easter eggs and themes it alludes to. The official “you might appreciate Black Adammore if you watch these DC movies/if you liked Black Adam, go watch these DC movies next” list is now available.


Is it necessary to comprehend Black Adam?

Not quite, but the film is excellent and the characters have a long history together.

Fully Experience Black Adam?

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The Suicide Squad

Well, believe it or not, Black Adam first appeared in 1940s Shazam classic comics. It’s obvious from their identical clothing that the character was once intended to be a more conventional antagonist.

The narrative of how young Billy Batson receives his powers in Shazam! includes the genesis story of Black Adam in the distant past that we witness in his film. Additionally, as I have mentioned, Shazam! is a fantastically entertaining superhero adventure that serves as a good contrast to Black Adam’s gritty tone and brutal violence.

Fully Experience Black Adam?

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League

It Wouldn’t Hurt, Though, so No.

Viola Davis stars in Black Adamas, as you can see in the trailers. Director of ARGUS, a government agency that works with diverse superhumans to confront threats, Amanda Waller. You may absolutely understand that in context from the film, but Task Force X, better known as the Suicide Squad, is Waller’s pet project.

And while James Gunn’s 2021The Suicide Squadis a delight and a wonderful glimpse at a sector of the DCEU much stranger than the one on show in Black Adam, the 2016 film is best forgotten.

Fully Experience Black Adam?

It also gives you a flavor of exactly how extensive (and dubious) Waller’s actions are. Anyway, not enough people saw this when it first came out, so you should really watch it now.

Don’t get furious at me; this next one is definitely optional.