Games Like Wordle: Have You Stopped Using Wordle Today? Try These Puzzles!

There are several games worth your time if you’re continuing playing Wordle and want even more puzzles to keep your mind active.

Wordle challenges users to correctly guess a five-letter word in six or fewer attempts (get some tips here). The game displays gray blocks for incorrect letters, yellow blocks for correct letters in the incorrect spot, and green blocks for correct letters in the correct place after each guess. Although the game is addictive, you have to wait until the following day to play again once you have finished the daily puzzle or used all of your guesses.

Cordle, Octordle, Dordle, and Sedecordle are examples of multiple-word Wordle spinoffs.

Do you relish a good challenge? Check out Quordle, Octordle, Dordle, and Sedecordle if you enjoy Wordle and desire a puzzle game that requires more mental effort. These four-word games all resemble Wordle in appearance but have additional rows, columns, and words to solve. You must simultaneously solve two words on Dordle. Quordle, all four together. Octordle is eight, while Sedecordle is a massive sixteen. Good fortune.

games like wordle

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Any web browser can be used to play Quordle, Octordle, Dordle, or Sedecordle.

Word Master

With a small change, this Wordle replica gives you six chances to correctly guess a five-letter word. Similar to the original, Word Master uses gray, yellow, and green blocks. What distinguishes it from Wordle? You don’t need to wait a full day to play because Word Master gives endless games.

Any web browser will let you play Word Master.

Hello, Wordle

Another Wordle remake, Hello Wordl, gives you six chances to guess a word and uses the same colored blocks to show your development. With Hello Wordl, you can alter the number of letters in the word you’re guessing in addition to playing an endless number of games. Pick a word with four letters or use the slider in the game to get up to an 11-letter word. No matter how long a word is, you still have six chances to guess it correctly.

Hello, Wordle is playable in any web browser.


According to the game’s content warning, before playing Lewdle, “In the game Lewdle, foul language is used. Go play Wordle if you’re likely to be upset by the use of profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity!” Translation: Wordle, but with foul language. There are mild phrases like “poopy” and more offensive ones that would make a sailor blush. Slurs are not featured, despite the game’s extensive use of foul language. The gray, yellow, and green blocks are employed in the same way as in Wordle, and there is only one puzzle every day. You also receive six tries to guess a five-letter word. Let the insults fly as you please!

games like wordle

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Lewdle is playable with any web browser.


As the “adversarial counterpart” of Wordle, absurddle claims to be. While Wordle guides you toward the correct answer with each guess, Absurdle, according to the game’s website, “is deliberately trying to avoid giving you the answer.” Absurdle doesn’t choose a word for the player to guess at the start of the game.

Instead, in an effort to prolong the game as long as possible, it leverages the player’s predictions to reduce the number of words on its list. Even a yellow letter from one of your previous predictions may not appear in the final word. The best score you can achieve is four guesses, and you can guess as often as you’d like. A wonderful time!

Absurdle is playable in any web browser.


Wordle is entertaining, but what if it also included a crossword puzzle? Crosswordle is here. You have to figure out two words of varying lengths that collide with one another in this Wordle-inspired game. There is one puzzle a day, and the color blocks in the shades of gray, yellow, and green are the same. It appears, though, that you can guess as often as you like up until you either figure out the words or quit up.

games like wordle

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With Crosswordle, you may design your own unique Crosswordle puzzle to share with your friends, unlike other Wordle-based games. I made one of these. The Settings tab reveals that the developers are working on a Hard Mode as if Crosswordle weren’t already challenging enough.

Crosswordle is playable in any web browser.