Gaming Life Hacks: You’ll Never Play Video Games the Same Again After Experiencing That!

One of the simplest pastimes to pick up and start engaging in is definitely gaming. The only tools needed for a casual experience are a console, PC, or even just a phone. No prior expertise is necessary. There will always be wonderful ways to avoid having to pay for all that equipment, but we won’t argue that spending money on pricey equipment will significantly improve your overall gaming experience.

Split loom tubing

This is a useful tip, especially for pet-owning gamers. I’m sure everyone has experienced their dog, cat, bunny, iguana, or other pet gnawing on their cords. In addition to being expensive, replacing those cables is not even nourishing for your pet. Going to your neighborhood hardware store and purchasing some split loom tubes is an easy approach to completely avoid this problem. They shield your cables from all of those chewy monsters at a very reasonable price.

Gun trigger made of gum

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Oven cloth for your laptop

You might have to play games on your laptop if your finances prevent you from purchasing an expensive gaming setup. Although they lack the capability of a PC, laptops can frequently run games at lower settings without experiencing any issues, despite the fact that they frequently become excessively warm when playing games.

Gun trigger made of gum

Frequently, the warmest region of the laptop is where your left hand is uncomfortably situated. Placing an oven mitt on top of that area of the laptop is a fairly easy way to prevent contracting the heat. Your left hand won’t be burned by a thousand suns anymore, and it won’t affect how you play at all.

Office stool as wheel

A truly unusual soul could only come up with anything as clever as this one from the internet. As a steering wheel, use a stool with a rotating seat. This is for those of you who enjoy playing racing and simulation games but don’t want to spend a fortune on an actual gaming wheel. Simply find a means to secure your mouse to a desk or table, place an office stool underneath the mouse, and use the stool as a steering wheel. cheap and easy. (So long as you have a spare one of these stools laying around)

Gun trigger made of gum

The Wired

This may not appear to be a gaming life hack, but it very definitely is. Throw away your wireless keyboard, mouse, game controller, and even your internet connection. Don’t stop being wired. Your gaming experience will be much enhanced, especially for your internet connection.

While wired connections are still faster and free from interference from other devices, wireless devices are no longer as sluggish as they once were. Although going wired can be less convenient, it’s a must if you want to sharpen your in-game reflexes.

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Gamers’ Mode

Let’s do one for console enthusiasts because we already featured a hack that is primarily for PC users. The majority of console users will utilize TVs to watch their favorite games, although this can create a slight lag on some TVs. TVs and monitors are different from one another in that TVs typically perform extensive processing to make the imagery they are showing more beautiful while monitors just show what is immediately requested to be seen.

Gun trigger made of gum

You can usually select a game mode on TVs somewhere in the display or picture settings. If you’re a serious console gamer and weren’t aware of this, be sure to check it out. The difference may be more apparent on some TVs than on others.

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Gun trigger made of gum

This feature was inspired by a gif that user Toomad316 uploaded on Reddit, in which he demonstrates how to turn a gum wrapper into a trigger to improve your mobile FPS experience. He demonstrates how to attach the wrapper to your touchscreen in the animation so that you may fire the pistol without using a second finger. Capacitive sensing is the reason that this works.

Gun trigger made of gum

In layman’s terms, it indicates that the gum wrapper serves as a conduit between your body and the gadget, sensitive enough for the screen’s sensors to register a touch. You may read a longer, more thorough explanation here.