Getting Punk’d? Ashton Kutcher Likes a Splash of Orange Juice in His Coffee.

Ashton Kutcher admitted that he prefers to spike his coffee with orange juice rather than creamer.

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The 45-year-old Your Place or Mine actor talked about his peculiar choice on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Tuesday, February 14. During the Obsessions segment, Kutcher mentioned that one of his favorite things is orange juice with coffee.

Host Kelly Clarkson, I believe you might be by yourself here.

Before the That 70s Show alum jumped into a defense of the unusual pairing, someone made a joke.

Ashton Kutcher Likes a Splash of Orange Juice in His Coffee

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I don’t like creamers much. Creamers are not my favorite. Typically, I sip black coffee. That’s my go-to,” the native Iowan said. But on occasion, I enjoy black coffee with a light roast. Moreover, black coffee with a light roast includes citrus undertones, which is one of its qualities.

Lighter roasts, in Kutcher’s opinion, have flavor characteristics that actually go well with o.j. He explained to the 40-year-old Breakaway singer that the acidity in coffee gives it a certain shine. If I ever have a medium-roasted cup of coffee and think, “Oh, I really would want this to be a little more light roast,” I add a tiny bit of orange juice to brighten it up and give it a touch of sweetness.

Although Clarkson expressed skepticism and told her visitor that the notion sounded disgusting, she vowed to try it on his behalf.

The Butterfly Effectactor recommended not to overdo it. Going overboard makes it really unfun.

Ashton Kutcher Likes a Splash of Orange Juice in His Coffee

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Al Roker, Hoda Kotb, and Savannah Guthrie, the cohosts of Today, tried the combination on the episode airing on Wednesday, February 15, after Kutcher’s coffee order went viral. While Kotb, 58, made a face and said, “No,” repeatedly, Roker, 68, spat his out.

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The beverage was eventually downed by 51-year-old Guthrie, who wasn’t impressed. It’s not excellent, she snidely remarked. I apologize. Half-and-half will work just fine.

Citrus coffee might not catch on, but Kutcher’s other interest turned out to be considerably less contentious. The That 90s Show star admitted that he and Mila Kunis adore River Rose and the Wonderful Lullaby by Clarkson, a children’s book. Daughter Wyatt, 8, and son Dimitri, 6, are the couple’s children.

Ashton Kutcher Likes a Splash of Orange Juice in His Coffee

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