The Big Mystery in God of War: Ragnarok: Juicy Nokken Theories

God of Wargames freely appropriates myths from other cultures. During the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 eras, God of War created a universe from a variety of Greek myths and legends, but the 2018 God of Warsoft reboot and Ragnarok used tales and characters from Norse mythology. Even fans of Norse mythology are baffled by one mythology reference in the most recent entry, though.

The Huldra Brothers, Brok, and Sindri, once more provide assistance to players throughout God of War: Ragnarok, and Sindri joins them in Alfheim to upgrade Kratos’ armor. Atreus finds this strange because Sindri is a bit of a clean freak and Alfheim has been transformed into a big desert. He despises dirt, blood, and sand because they are intrusive, coarse, and annoying.

However, since Brok has been expelled from Alfheim for educating the Elves about a substance known as a juicy Nokken, Sindri is prepared to brave the desert. The joke is that Sindri hesitates to bring it up at all, and when Atreus inquires as to what a “Juicy Nokken” is specifically, Kratos interrupts Sindri before the dwarf can elucidate. Players and Atreus are left wondering what exactly a Juicy Nokken is in the Helheim.

The Big Mystery in God of War: Ragnarok: Juicy Nokken Theories

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A short Google search should reveal that a Nokken is a Germanic or Scandinavian water spirit. Depending on where you are, it may also be referred to as a Nixie, Nekker, or Neck. Essentially, Nokken are thought to be shape-shifting river mermaids that like to draw people to them by playing music in the water before drowning them. Additionally, Nokken frequently appears naked. In other words, they sort of take on the role of the Sirens from Greek mythology, who entice sailors to their deaths with seductive songs.

A Samoflange joke from ThunderCats and a Juicy Nokken are fundamentally the same thing. No one in the audience knows what the term means or even what it looks like, but actors who use it and behave casually in their conversations make the joke even funnier. Additionally, we can infer information from the context by using hints.

The three most compelling hypotheses at the moment (via Reddit) are that a Juicy Nokken is just another name for skinny dipping, a water-based sex act (and potentially a Nokken), or Brok’s nickname for his genitalia. A fourth option, though, was proposed by a Redditor, which flips the entire joke.

The Big Mystery in God of War: Ragnarok: Juicy Nokken Theories

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As was already mentioned, Sindri asserted that Brok was expelled from Alfheim because of what he had taught the Elves about the Juicy Nokken. Sindri, on the other hand, just mentioned that Brok is the reason the Elves are aware of the enigmatic phrase. According to Redditor Collector 2012, Brok was banned for no more than clarifying what a Juicy Nokken is.

If so, Kratos cut Sindri off to prevent him from suffering the same fate. However, it also implies that a Juicy Nokken might be anything. For all we know, Brok enjoys a special dwarven dish that he intended to share with some elves, but after hearing him describe it, they were so repulsed that they chose to forbid him from entering their domain.