Google Adsense Approval Tips: How to Receive Google Adsense approval in just two days-Check Here!

Hi, there guys I hope everyone is doing well. I’ll discuss the 2022 Google Adsense Approval Trick today. I frequently receive Instagram DMs from people asking, “Please recommend how your website and YouTube channel become monetized within 2 days.” This will therefore be the topic of discussion today. Read the entire post if you want to learn how to gain Google Adsense approval as a new blogger or YouTuber.

Design Your Website

A website is required to apply for Google Adsense (official site). If you already have a website, start by designing the layout. It needs to look user-friendly. Compared to WordPress sites, there are a few more tasks to complete if your website is on Blogger. WordPress is a great platform to utilize for building websites because it offers numerous benefits. 90% of bloggers have no experience with web building or coding, but they nonetheless do a terrific job on their websites. We only need to drag & drop in WordPress.

google adsense approval tips

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Make Simple Pages

You must build some fundamental pages after getting a domain, hosting, and putting everything up. Your website will become more credible and expert with the help of these pages. The pages include,

  • Privacy Guidelines
  • Conditions & Terms
  • Disclaimer
  • Sitemap
  • Who We Are

Get in Touch

Because they lack these fundamental pages, Google has denied many requests from new blogs. From your WordPress dashboard, you can quickly build these pages. If you’re unsure of the information you need to include on those pages, Google terms like “sitemap generator” or “terms and conditions generator” etc. will help. After that, all you need to do is provide your name, site name, and email; everything else will be done for you.

Your basic pages can be quickly created using these internet tools. If you’ve already built them, add them to the homepage of your website, as I did in my footer menu. It’s really important because it expedites the approval process for Google Adsense, which takes a few days.

Exceptional Content

The first and second actions mentioned above are one-time only, however you must follow these instructions up until your site is up. This is a crucial step to take if you want Google Adsense approval on your first try. Do not submit an application for AdSense at this time if your website has simple pages with good design but poor content.

Writing articles with more than 300 words from scratch, as opposed to plagiarizing, is what is meant by quality content. We often say that quantity is more essential than quality, yet Google AdSense certification gives equal weight to both.

Avoid publishing copied content

If you’re new to blogging, you may not be aware that Google Adsense won’t monetize your site if you create duplicate content. Copy content does not imply content on the same subject. You can get a lot of stuff with a similar title if you search for “Google Adsense Approval Trick 2022.” However, they have unique writing styles, graphics, and information, so it is not duplicated.

google adsense approval tips

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Create content using languages that are supported

Your site won’t be approved by Google Adsense if its contents are written in a rare language that Google does not accept. Hindi, Bengali, and other Indian languages are now supported alongside English by Google Adsense. I, therefore, ask that you please verify whether Google supports your language at least once.

Make use of ALT-tagged images

You must include images in your articles for them to be aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. But since Google cannot understand photos, you must include ALT tags in your photographs in this situation. You may make Google comprehend your photographs by including alt text in them.

Avoid writing any illegal content

Your site won’t be allowed by Google Adsense if you are publishing generally unlawful information or something similar. Your website will expand quickly in this scenario, but you won’t be able to use Adsense to make money. Don’t write anything that is unlawful, hateful, or of this nature. Create sincere information in your style that enlightens readers. Yes, success will not come overnight.

Submit an application following Organic Views

This is not a need in order to apply for Google Adsense. But it’s my recommendation based on my own experience. After producing more than 30 articles and receiving some organic views, I submitted an application for Google Adsense on my website, From Google Analytics or the mobile app, you may monitor your report on views. In my early days, I focused on writing articles with 500+ words and effective On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO in low-competition niches.

After applying for Adsense, don’t modify anything.

Please refrain from making any changes to your website if you applied for Google Adsense. Like, if you applied for Google Adsense and changed your site’s theme or layout today, your application will likely be declined.
Changes can be made if necessary after your site has been approved, but don’t try to make them while it is still being verified.

Post content during the Adsense Verification process

Verifying your site will take longer if you applied for AdSense but are not consistently adding new material. After submitting an application for Google Adsense, you must contribute content. Therefore, you must be aware of the following two stages after applying for Google AdSense:

Make no alterations to the website (like the theme, layout, post URL, etc)

While verification is taking place, publish new content.

YouTube’s 2022 Google Adsense Approval Trick

As I already stated, YouTube and Blogging have extremely distinct requirements for Google Adsense approval. Get 1000+ subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time within the last year if you want Google Adsense approval. One of my two YouTube channels got Adsense approval.

The approval process for Adsense in that channel takes just 1.5 days. Applying for Google Adsense currently takes longer than usual due to the COVID-19 problem. However, it took two days for my YouTube channel and blog site to get approved for AdSense.

google adsense approval tips

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How I received Google Adsense approval in just two days

I’ll share a lovely anecdote with you to help you realize how simple the process is if you just stick to the fundamentals. I purchased this domain and hosting in November 2019, and at the end of November 2019, I configured it with the appropriate pages and on-page SEO. After much research and effort, I learned that before applying for Adsense, I must publish SEO-friendly content for at least 30+ days.

At the time, I specialized in Amazon, Paytm, etc. So I created articles about Amazon Pay, Paytm, and other payment methods and submitted them to Search Console. My site ranked on page one of the search results for a small number of keywords with minimal competition. I applied for Google Adsense approval once I had a respectable number of organic views. The site was approved throughout the course of the next two days.