Google Duo: Can Google Duo Be Used for Group Video Calls?

Google Duo, a video and voice calling app, is comparable to Apple’s FaceTime, Facebook’s WhatsApp or Messenger, and Microsoft’s Skype. (Pocket-lint) Unlike Apple’s FaceTime, Duo may be used on iOS and Android devices and is completely free. Duo uses your phone number, lets you call contacts on your phone, has end-to-end encryption, and has cool features like Knock Knock, which lets you watch a live video of the person calling before you answer.

Because of how stupidly simple the app’s UI is, it is also simple to use. Discover how Duo functions, how to get started, and whether it’s secure to use.

Google Meet will replace Google Duo when?

Beginning in June 2022, Google declared that it will combine Duo and Google Meet because the two video calling apps were strangely competing with one another and it makes sense to bring them together.

Both Duo and Meet will be contained in a single app, but all of their functions should remain the same. You will eventually stop seeing Duo at all on your phone because Meet will continue to be the name. Google hasn’t provided a specific date for this move, but it should take place in the “coming weeks,” according to a blog post the company published on the subject.

google duo

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How does Google Duo work?

  • the beginning
  • For your iOS or Android device, download the Google Duo app.
  • Accept the Terms of Service and Google’s Privacy Statement.
  • Choose whether Duo can contact you and use your microphone and camera.
  • Look up your number
  • Enter the one-time verification code received via SMS.

The app’s main interface will then appear

The primary Google Duo interface is a screen that is divided in half, with the top half displaying what your camera views and the bottom half displaying your groups or contacts. Additionally, there is a menu for accessing settings and a search bar at the top.

Video calling

The camera view, search bar, contacts, and groups are always visible when you first use Duo.

google duo

To begin a video call, enter the person’s name in the search field, choose their name from the list, and then tap the “Video call” icon in the bottom-center of your screen.

When you make your first call, Google will inform you that “Smile! Knock Knock is on” and that your friend, if they have you as a contact, will see you appear on their phone as you are calling. With this feature, your friend cannot see you when calling you, though. The camera view/search bar and “Create Group” button screen will return to you when you or your friend ends a call.

Manage preferences

When on the main Google Duo app interface (the screen with the camera view/search bar and the “Create Group” button), hit the three horizontal dots in the top right corner. Afterward, you’ll notice links to Settings, Duo’s privacy settings, Help, and Feedback. Click the Settings menu item.

google duo

You can alter a number of settings under this menu, including whether Knock Knock and Low-light mode are active. Along with other options like Siri Shortcuts for iOS users, you may also set a data use cap, activate vibrate-while-ringing on your phone (only for Android), unregister your phone number, and connect a Google Account, and block numbers.

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On Google Duo, can Knock Knock be turned off?

Yes. Knock Knock, a feature of Duo, allows you to view a live video of your caller before responding. Under the app’s “Settings” menu (see “Manage preferences” above), you can turn off this feature.

Can you turn off Google Duo’s low-light mode?

Yes. If you are in dimly lit areas, Duo’s Low-light mode will let the person on the other end of a video chat see you more clearly. Under the “Settings” menu we stated in the “Manage Preferences” section above, you can turn off this feature.

Can Google Duo be used for group video calls?

Yes, group video chats with Google Duo can include up to 32 participants (although this will go up to 100 when it merges with Meet). You can add contacts to a group by tapping “Create Group” at the bottom of the Google Duo interface.

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Does Google Duo support voice call?

Yes. Duo enables audio and video calling, similar to FaceTime and WhatsApp. Recorded messages can also be sent.

google duo

Google Duo registration is possible without a phone number.

No, Duo needs your mobile number. With the app, you can contact anyone on your phone’s contacts list. You don’t need a different account.

Can Duo calls be placed from a browser?

You can use Duo in your browser instead if you go to and authenticate your phone number.