Google Tips to Parents for Better Online Security of Children: Know About It!

We think children should have access to the most cutting-edge technology while also having safety measures in place so that their parents may feel comfortable letting them explore the internet. To help you set limits and use technology in a way that’s appropriate for your family, we’re working together with professionals and educators like the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.

Additionally, we develop free tools – such as parental controls and education programs – to assist families in developing digital habits that are appropriate for their needs.

It’s also critical that parents are informed about other measures they can take to safeguard kids online. To assist you to keep your family secure while using Google’s services, we are providing our top 5 advice.

First Guideline: Set up Parental Controls

We developed the Family Link app to make it easier for you to create a supervised account for your child as they begin to use their own device to browse the Internet. Family Link gives you the ability to supervise screen time, approve which applications and games your kids use, and establish digital ground rules for your family whether they are young children or teenagers.

Google Tips to Parents For better Online security Of Children

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When your child has their device with them, it also gives you a method to control the content they can access and how they may be tracked. Here, Family Link can be configured.

Tip #2: Check out YouTube Kids to explore a world of safe learning.

To provide kids with a safe space where they may explore their interests through carefully chosen internet videos, we launched YouTube Kids. We made significant investments to make sure it’s a secure environment where kids can satisfy their curiosity.

You may find family-friendly films on a variety of subjects and for a range of ages that will help your kids learn new things, have fun, or both. Due to the wide range of choices among families, YouTube Kids offers everything from science experiments to nursery songs. Check out YouTube Kids here, and learn more about how we defend children and families on YouTube here.

3rd Tip: Enable Safe Search

Additionally, we are attempting to safeguard children as they use the Google search engine. This includes providing SafeSearch, which aids in removing results that are too explicit, such as violent images. It is already on by default for any users under the age of 18 who have logged in (including those whose accounts are handled by Family Link), but it is also important to set it on for any home devices that are shared with children who may use them.

Google Tips to Parents For better Online security Of Children

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It’s crucial to keep in mind that SafeSearch only affects Google search results; it does not prevent you from accessing explicit content on other search engines or websites that you visit directly. Learn how to enable Safe Search here.

Tip #4: Control Your Child’s Website Access with Chrome

If your child uses the Chrome browser on an Android or Chrome OS device, you may control which websites they have access to. You can decide to either restrict your child to only seeing websites that you feel comfortable with or ban access to particular websites that you don’t want them to see. By pressing Manage Settings > Google Chrome and selecting the setting that’s best for your family, you may do this using the Family Link app.

Google Play Expert-Approved Content Is a Great Place to Find It.

To assist you in finding content that is appropriate for your child, we have partnered with academic experts, instructors, and child development. To find educational and amusing family-friendly applications and games, look through the Kids section of the Google Play Store.

Google Tips to Parents For better Online security Of Children

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You can check the content ratings on the app details page to determine whether an app is age-appropriate and see why experts give it good ratings. Additionally, you can check to see if an app accepts device permissions, permits in-app purchases, or contains advertisements. Our developer guidelines for the Play Store require stricter requirements from developers who create apps for kids.