Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 16: A Letter from Cristina Yang!

Can we just take a moment to rejoice that Cristina Yang is being recognized and celebrated in Grey’s Anatomy Season 19? Let’s just say we’re pretty dang thrilled about it right now.

In tonight’s new episode, we were very thrilled to learn that Sandra Oh’s character is assisting Addison and Bailey by sending priceless items in a letter we received from her. This fits into the plot pretty directly because it is something Cristina would definitely do.

Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 16

Given that Sandra is most likely not going to return to the show at any point in the future, it is of course also beneficial that we have this. The Killing Eve actress has frequently stated that she would rather look forward than back.

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What did you think about the Cristina letter that we got on Grey s Anatomy season 19 episode 16?

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