Has Lenny, Lisa Hochstein’s Messy Divorce ‘Soured’ His Outlook on Marriage?

Choosing the right path? In the midst of his contentious divorce from Lisa Hochstein, Lenny Hochstein explained how he felt about maybe getting married once more.

Lisa and Lenny Hochstein’s Relationship Timeline: The Way They Were

For me, nothing has turned sour. On January 12, Lenny, 56, spoke exclusively to Us Weekly and said, “I’m not at all soured.” Sometimes plans don’t go as planned.

The plastic surgeon clarified that he had no opinion on the possibility of one day returning to the altar. He continued, “I’m neither open to it nor not open to it. I approach things with an open mind.

‘RHOM’ Cast Weighs In on Lisa and Lenny’s Divorce Airing on Season 5

After the doctor was photographed partying in Florida with Catherine Mazepa in May 2022, The Real Housewives of Miami star’s friendship with Lenny made the news. Lenny told us that he and Lisa, 40, were getting divorced after initially refuting rumors to the contrary. He also said that he was dating a 27-year-old model from the club.

Has Lenny, Lisa Hochstein's Messy Divorce 'Soured' His Outlook on Marriage?

While it is true that I am seeing Katharina, none of this started until the decision to pursue a divorce was taken, he claimed in a statement to us in May 2022. I would appreciate some privacy at this terrible time so that we may provide the best care possible for our children, who are our everything.

Before divorcing, the pair had been married for about 13 years and had two children together: daughter Elle, 3, and son Logan, 7.

The couple’s divorce became contentious in November 2022 after Lisa alleged in court records that Lenny had limited her use of her credit cards. Because of the claimed behavior, the reality star allegedly was unable to purchase diapers and food for their children.

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Everything to Know About Lisa and Lenny Hochstein s Messy Divorce

Lenny, on the other hand, once asserted that his estranged wife was paid $30,000 for every RHOM episode. In new court records submitted on January 11, he claimed that Lisa has been making excessive requests for interim support during their divorce.

Has Lenny, Lisa Hochstein's Messy Divorce 'Soured' His Outlook on Marriage?

Lenny said on Thursday that he has remained focused on raising their two children despite all of the commotions. He stated, “I just want to make sure my kids are taken care of.” They are my top concern and everything to me.

Whatever happens, Lenny continued, “I want to make sure kids have a nice life, are taken care of, and have nothing to want for.”

The native of Russia admitted that he enjoys spending time with his children but said he doesn’t know for sure if he’ll have more or not.