The Black Queen Responds in the House of the Dragon Finale Trailer.!

Spoilers for House of the Dragon episode 9: The Green Council are present.

Dragons are here! In its season one finale, the Game of Thrones prequel is expected to live up to its name. Targaryen dragons can be seen in the episode 10 trailer below flying, fighting, and, in one instance, being serenaded by torchlight.

The action switches from King’s Landing to Dragonstone in the upcoming episode of The Black Queen when The Green Council is over. There, Rhaenyra and company are affected by Viserys’ passing and Aegon’s hasty crowning. Even if her lords demand war, her husband/uncle says she can’t kneel, and her boys implore her to join the battle, only she is responsible for carrying out the royal duties that her father left to her.

Greg Yaitanes, who also directed The Rogue Prince, The Second of His Name, and episodes two and three of this first season (a second was already confirmed back in August), is in charge of directing The Black Queen. Ryan J. Condal, the showrunner, wrote the episode. This is the teaser:

The Greens Are Coming For You, Rhaenyra

The opening scene of the trailer shows Rhaenys and Medleys flying over the ocean from King’s Landing to Dragonstone after witnessing The Queen Who Never Was make an amazing exit from the Sept of Baelor.

Rhaenys breaks the bad news to Rhaenyra and Daemon and issues a warning to her cousin once removed and erstwhile son-in-law. Rhaenyra and her offspring are in danger from the Hightowers. Dark Sister, a Valyrian steel blade, is picked up by Prince Daemon, who informs his wife or niece. Given that the Hightowers stole your birthright, you cannot bow down to them.

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Aemond One-Eye s One Eye

Prince Aemond, who is presumably still in King’s Landing, removes his eye patch to reveal the scarred, missing eye he suffered from a violent childhood altercation with his younger nephew Lucerys, which planted the seeds for the current Green v. Black battle.

The Painted Table (and Winterfell!)

Here, an old favorite is back in action with the debut of Dragonstone’s Painted Table.

On this heirloom, Game of Thrones fans first witnessed Stannis Baratheon formulating military strategies (and having a smoke baby with sorceress Melisandre). The table is freshly painted and is used to plan the Blacks’ onslaught on the Greens two centuries in past. While Rhaenyra considers her next step as the rightful heir, every man seated around the painted table wants her to start a war in the realm, says Rhaenys.

he House of the Dragon Finale Trailer

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Jace and Luke

As Rhaenyra is being persuaded to lay siege to the Red Keep, see the hand at 0:23 placing a piece on the map’s portrayal of Winterfell, the seat of House Stark, and another Game of Thrones old favorite.

Ser Erryk Switches Sides

The two oldest sons of Rhaenyra, Jacerys, and Lucy, are now married to their step-sisters/cousins Baela and Rhaena, and they request permission to engage in combat. According to Viserys’ wishes, Jace will succeed his mother as the next in line to the Iron Throne, while Luke, his younger brother,

will succeed their paternal grandfather Lord Corlys Velaryon as the next in line to the Driftwood Throne of Driftmark (by law only, not by blood). Will their mother consider them in her plans given that they are both dragon riders and decent, strong boys?

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Daemon vs Otto

Instance 9 Erryk and Arryk Cargyll, identical twins, engaged in a conflict over their conflicted allegiances in front of the Green Council. The knights, who were both Kingsguard members, had a disagreement on their oaths of allegiance.

Arrick decided to stick with the Greens in King’s Landing, while Erryk, appalled by King Aegon’s behavior after serving as the monarch’s bodyguard and learning of Aegon’s perversions and cruelty, decided to join the Blacks in Dragonstone. He presents himself here as Rhaenyra’s oath-bound guardian.

he House of the Dragon Finale Trailer

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A meeting on the Dragonstone steps never goes smoothly. Swords are drawn on both sides as Prince Daemon interacts with what appears to be Ser Otto Hightower.

more dragon awesomeness ends. The finale trailer concludes with the last roar after showing Medleys in flight, a fighter charging a dragon, Daemon singing to Caraxes in High Valyrian, what appeared to be Prince Aemond’s Godzilla-like steed Vhaegar, and three dragons soaring out of Dragonstone.

Episode 10 of “House of the Dragon” On Sunday, October 23, HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK will both broadcast The Black Queen.