A “Special Moment!” Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa Have Their First Baby.

The birth of their first child together has allowed Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae El Moussa to grow their family.

Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa’s Quotes About Having Kids, Baby Fever

It’s just as exciting to become a father for the third time as it was the first. Tarek, 41, spoke exclusively to US Weekly on Thursday, February 2, shortly after the pair announced the birth through Instagram.

“Our baby boy is doing wonderful and Heather was a rockstar during delivery,” Tarek stated. Tay and Bray were so overjoyed when they met their younger brother, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before.

The property investor claimed that the couple’s achievement of the milestone was extremely unique. As a formal five-person family, we are ecstatic and enjoying every hug and opportunity to bond with our little one, he continued. I feel like the luckiest man alive, and my heart has grown even larger.


 Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa Have Their First Baby.

On Thursday, Tarek announced on social media that our newborn boy had arrived on January 12. Mother and child are doing well, happy, healthy, and weary. Our joy is overwhelming.

The 35-year-old Selling Sunset actor welcomed her first child in July 2022 and announced her pregnancy at the time. Surprise!!! The arrival of Baby El Moussa in Early 2023! Tarek was in the background of a pregnancy shot that Heather captioned.

After the author of Flip Your Life finalized his divorce from Christina Hall (n e Haack) in 2018, the real estate power couple started dating in 2019. One year after their first date, in July 2020, he proposed to Heather, and they later were married in October 2021.

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Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young’s Relationship Timeline

Taylor, 12, and Brayden, 7, are already shared by Hall, 39, and TheFlip or Flopalum. Heather got a jump start on parenthood by taking on the role of bonus mom to Tarek’s two kids, a job she frequently embraced.

The former Playboy model posted through Instagram in October 2021, “These kids are truly our everything. We opted to say our vows first to the kids and second to one other. The following is a small fraction of what I said to the children, but I meant every word I said:

When your daddy and I made the decision to be fully committed, I was also fully committed to you. Being your bonus mommy makes me feel beyond honored. I appreciate you letting me adore your dad with all of my heart. More than you can ever imagine, I love you both.

 Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa Have Their First Baby.

The Netflix star revealed one month after the wedding that she would be starting IVF procedures even though she adored being a stepmother to Bray and Tay.

The Flipping In January 2022, El Moussasstar shared on Instagram a video of her sometimes challenging process of retrieving eggs and freezing her embryos. She disclosed to her Instagram followers that she has doctor’s appointments virtually every day.

You are being stabbed and prodded. It does take up a lot of time, so I do advise doing it when you have a little more free time.

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See Heather Rae Young’s Stepmom Moments with Tarek El Moussa’s 2 Kids

Fortunately for the realtor, the effort paid off. She remarked via her Instagram Stories at the time, “I’ve had a few bad points throughout this journey, but I’ve tried to stay as positive as possible.

It demonstrates that the body is magnificent and can accomplish wonders.” I also want to express my gratitude to my wonderful husband for always being my rock and being there for me. He genuinely is my dream come true, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for our family’s future.