DC ‘told’ Henry Cavill to Announce His Return as Superman, So He’s Out.!

Having a change of heart Despite having previously stated that he will be taking up the Superman role again, Henry Cavill will no longer play the character in the DC film world.

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I recently met with James Gunn and Peter Safran, and I have some awful news for you all. In the end, I won’t be playing Superman again, Cavill, 39, stated on Instagram on December 14. This news isn’t the simplest to deliver since the studio instructed me to do it back in October before they were hired, but that’s life.

Over the previous few years, Cavill has played the superhero in a number of DC Universe movies, but he hasn’t been in one since 2017’s Justice League. He unexpectedly appeared as Clark Kent in Black Adam last month, confirming that he would really be returning to the tights.

DC 'told' Henry Cavill to Announce His Return as Superman

In an interview with Josh Horowitz from the Happy Sad Confused podcast in October, he said, “The character means so much to me. Now five years have passed. I never lost my heart. It’s incredible to be discussing it once more right now. The protagonist has such a promising future. I can’t wait to tell a tale about a very happy Superman.

However, theWitcheralum reported on Wednesday that Gunn, 56, and Safran, 57, who have been co-CEOs of DC Studios since October, will no longer be carrying out their original ideas for the man of steel since they have a new world to establish.

An event that takes place is the changing of the guard. I honor that. In his message on Wednesday, Cavill wished them and everyone else connected with the new universe luck and happiness.

DC 'told' Henry Cavill to Announce His Return as Superman

TheEnola Holmesstar ended him farewell speech by urging fans who are grieving to keep in mind that Superman is still alive even though his time as the character is coming to an end.

The ideals he upholds and the standards he sets for us are still in place! Although it’s no longer my turn to don the cape, what Superman stands for will always exist. Onward and upwards, it’s been a great journey with you all, he wrote.

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Later, the Guardians of the Galaxy director confirmed the news on social media.

He tweeted on Wednesday, “Peter and I have a DC slate ready to go, about which we couldn’t be more over the moon. We’ll be able to share some exciting details about our first projects at the beginning of the new year.”

Superman is one of the people on the list. Henry Cavill won’t be portraying Superman because the first portion of our story will center on a different period in his life. But Henry and I recently had a fantastic conversation, and because we are both huge admirers, we discussed a lot of intriguing prospects for future collaboration.

DC 'told' Henry Cavill to Announce His Return as Superman

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Just two months ago, Cavill revealed he would not reprise his role as Gerald of River for the fourth episode of The Witcher and that Netflix had replaced him with Liam Hemsworth. The news of Cavill’s departure from the DC Universe follows that announcement.