Henry Cavill’s Superman Is Back in Man of Steel 2 After Years of Studio Interference.!

Few films have caused as much controversy among fans as Zack Snyder’s three DC films Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League (either version). The director undoubtedly conveyed a unique vision for how a particular iteration of what is now known as the DCEU should appear and feel, but neither fans nor critics found it to be overwhelmingly appealing, as evidenced by the box office success of all three movies.

With Man of Steel almost ten years ago, Warner Bros. hoped to launch a shared cinematic universe to compete with Marvel Studios. Instead, this led to the hurried team-building exercise of Batman v. Superman and ultimately to a version of Justice League that absolutely no one was happy with, including audience members, critics, and executives.

Henry Cavill's Superman Is Back in Man of Steel 2 After Years of Studio Interference.

But is there something on which everyone can agree? Actor Henry Cavill wasn’t to blame for any of that. In fact, it’s hard to think of another superhero actor who received worse treatment in recent years than Cavill, other than Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman (another brilliant actor and performance lost in a haze of dubious filmmaking decisions and behind-the-scenes controversy).

Cavill provided an entirely real Superman portrayal, with an underlying warmth that belied the bleak tone of the films he’s acted in, despite the fact that he appeared to have stepped off a comic book page and that he could have been sculpted from a piece of the Fortress of Solitude itself.

Henry Cavill's Superman Is Back in Man of Steel 2 After Years of Studio Interference.

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Even after Justice League’s critical and commercial failure, he has been polite enough to make the proper comments about the prospect of donning the cape once more. When he leaves for another team in free agency, he writes a cordial open letter to the fans thanking them for their “passion,” making him the equivalent of the star athlete whose team will never win without him.

Warner Bros. is undoubtedly aware of how crucial Superman is (or should be) to their cinematic strategy, but a recent rumor in THR claims that departing WB executive Walter Hamada was the one who prevented Cavill from taking on the role again.

But according to the same report, the studio “has a tremendous desire to revisit the Cavill incarnation of the hero” and that “project, which would effectively be Man of Steel 2,” has a producer (Charles Roven) and is looking for writers.

Henry Cavill's Superman Is Back in Man of Steel 2 After Years of Studio Interference.

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It’s intriguing that this information was included in a story that claims director James Gunn of The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker has proposed the studio’s two unreleased DC projects. Although he isn’t mentioned as a potential director for Man of Steel 2 in that THR report, it should be noted that he has previously expressed interest in playing Superman.

He was offered the role when Warner Bros. first hired him away from Marvel Studios, and he also considered making the Last Son of Krypton the main antagonist in The Suicide Squad.

The director and writer of two of the best Mission: Impossible films, Rogue Nation and Fallout, as well as the upcoming two, Christopher McQuarrie, is reportedly on the studio’s wish list of writers. Given that he’ll be tethered to Mission: Impossible movies at Paramount for the next few years, it seems McQuarrie could write or direct a DC film any time soon, let alone this Superman sequel, but we can dream.

Henry Cavill's Superman Is Back in Man of Steel 2 After Years of Studio Interference.

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McQuarrie has his own history with DC and Superman, having pitched both a Man of Steel 2andaGreen Lantern Corps movie a few years back. He might be available to star in that Green Lantern Corps movie when the time comes.

Regarding Cavill’s Superman, In any case, it appears that we will be seeing more of him in the near future. Henry Cavill’s Superman Returns to Man of Steel 2 After Years of Studio Interference originally appeared on Den of Geek.