Housingiskey: Key Is Still Offering a Variety of Services!

Throughout the COVID-19 problem, Key has continued to offer a variety of services, and this letter gives more information about our strategy as a landlord. In accordance with Scottish Government regulations, we are now able to perform non-essential activities as of Monday, April 26, 2021.

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Since a backlog of non-essential tasks was reported during the lockdown, we can now start to complete these. We will get in touch with you in plenty of time to set up the contractor’s access. We can now work on non-essential tasks, but we still need to exercise caution because Covid-19 is still in operation.

Housingiskey: Key Is Still Offering a Variety of Services!

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We kindly ask for your understanding as we complete the renovations and value your assistance in granting access.

  • Key Housing is dedicated to the following:
  • constructing a home of high quality
  • delivering high-quality housing services
  • interacting with our residents about all facets of their housing needs
  • supplying a selection of customized housing options
  • specializing in modifying your home to meet your demands
  • cooperating closely with organizations that assist our tenants, especially Key and Community Lifestyles.