How Do I Redeem a You Tube Premium Code from Gpay?

The most popular video streaming app offers a premium subscription service called YouTube. In an effort to improve its users’ viewing experience, the Google-owned video streaming service provides a number of extras to those who pay for a Premium subscription. Most significantly, you won’t be interrupted by commercials.

In India, the monthly subscription price for YouTube Premium begins at Rs 129. On the other hand, you can get a free YouTube Premium membership by using one of the many apps that give redeem codes for the service. Here’s all you need to know to put your YouTube Premium code to use. But first, let’s go into the specifics of YouTube Premium and what it has to offer.

What Exactly Is YouTube Premium?

How Do I Redeem a You Tube Premium Code from Gpay?

Subscribers to YouTube Premium, YouTube’s paid membership tier, pay a monthly fee in exchange for access to premium features and ad-free viewing. Features include ad-free viewing, the option to play videos in the background or download them to watch offline, access to YouTube Music, and more.

In India, you can choose from a 1-month, 3-month, or 12-month YouTube Premium membership. The costs of the various YouTube Premium plans in India are detailed in the table below.

Instructions for Using a YouTube Premium Subscription Voucher

Here’s how to use a browser extension to redeem a YouTube Premium code or gift card.

  1. In order to access your Google account online, you’ll need to log in.
  2. Click on this link:
  3. Simply type the code into the box labeled “Enter code,” and then proceed.
  4. To subscribe to YouTube Premium, just click the “Get YouTube Premium” button and pick a subscription package.
  5. Then, select Google Pay as your payment method and hit the Purchase button.
  6. Your YouTube Premium account will be upgraded after you enter your code.

Without Commercials

How Do I Redeem a You Tube Premium Code from Gpay?

The absence of those intrusive commercials before and during videos is one of the key draws of YouTube Premium. If you check in with the same account on many devices, it will disable commercials across the board. However, the videos could have integrated advertisements that were added by the makers.

When you have YouTube Premium and enable background play, a video will continue to play even if you have turned your screen off. Additionally, the picture-in-picture mode shrinks the video window so you may switch between apps without pausing the show.

Save Videos

With a YouTube Premium subscription, you may download high-quality videos and watch them offline in the YouTube app. You can choose to download a single video or a full playlist to watch at your leisure whenever and wherever you like.

Because of this, you can watch movies even when you don’t have access to a network, which is convenient when you’re traveling or stuck in an area without service.

Premium on YouTube Music

The vast music library available on YouTube is one of the best features of YouTube Premium. YouTube Music allows you to listen to songs in the background without interruption from commercials, download them for offline listening, and listen to them in audio-only or background-play mode.

YouTube’s Very Own

YouTube collaborates with a small number of its most successful creators to make short films that it calls “YouTube originals.” These YouTube productions are included in YouTube Premium at no additional cost.