How Long Are Cannabis Seeds Good For? Methods of Storage!

How long marijuana seeds last before going bad is a topic of much discussion. Others disagree and claim that they can only be used within 6 to 1 year after packing, despite claims that they can last for years if maintained in the proper circumstances. The question then becomes: How long do marijuana seeds last?

The latter may occasionally be the case if the seeds have weak genetics or have been stored in unfavorable conditions. The storage conditions completely determine how long the seeds will last. The seeds’ interior damage prevents them from germinating if they are moist or exposed to light. The seeds must be kept from being crushed, which is another crucial addition.

Can Marijuana Seeds That Have Cracked Still Germinate?

Will a cracked seed still germinate, unfortunately, is a no. It won’t grow because once the seed’s genetic material, which is its most valuable internal component, is exposed, the seed will no longer grow. The seeds must be handled with extreme care to prevent crushing or injury. One method to prevent the seeds from harming one another while being handled is to place them in vials filled with cotton wool.

As long as they are well-protected, cannabis seeds may tolerate extended periods of time in storage. The seeds can be kept for a few months in a cool, dark place free of humidity and strong odors, but if you want to increase their shelf life, you must refrigerate them.

how long are cannabis seeds good for

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How Long Before Marijuana Seeds Go Bad Do They Last?

Cannabis seeds can be made to survive a very long time if they are refrigerated, as we previously said. Without any intervention, marijuana seeds can last for a few months or even a year if they are stored in a cold, dry, and dark location, but if they are refrigerated, they can last for up to ten years.

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How Long Will Well-Cared-For Cannabis Seeds Last?

Your seeds may not last as long as you expect. The center of the seed will remain dormant and the marijuana seed will last longer if great care is taken to protect it from humidity and light and provided with a cool atmosphere. Then, all that will be required to germinate the seed is to soak it in water overnight, put it in a moist tissue or Jiffy plug, and allow it to germinate normally.

how long are cannabis seeds good for

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Your efforts to properly store and preserve your marijuana seeds will determine how long they last. Marijuana seeds can last you for centuries if you are really careful. Even better, you can store up on strains so you have your own collection and are self-sufficient all year long.