How the Children of Jo Anna Garcia Swisher Feel About the Kissing Scenes in “Sweet Magnolias.

They are aware of reality. Jo Although Anna Garcia Swisher and Justin Bruening have several passionate kissing scenes in the Netflix original film Sweet Magnolias, her children are aware that the encounters are strictly professional.

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The former Reba actress, 43, exclusively revealed to Us Weekly during the promotion of her collaboration with Mrs. T’s Pierogies that it doesn’t confuse them. They have a lot of familiarity with Justin, his wife, and his family, especially because of Justin on Sweet Magnolias. Thus, in a way, we’ve already explained it.

Garcia Swisher, who portrays Maddie Townsend on Sweet Magnolias, is married to Nick Swisher; they have two children together: Emerson, age 9, and Sailor, age 6. While Bruening (who plays Cal Maddox) has been wed to Alexa Havins since 2005, the couple also has a 12-year-old daughter named Lexington.

How the Children of Jo Anna Garcia Swisher Feel About the Kissing Scenes in "sweet Magnolias

Garcia Swisher was honest with us and said, “I don’t think they’re all that enthused about it.” Although kids don’t say, “Oh, that’s so fun to see, Mom,” they do understand. They fully comprehend it. They aren’t traumatized by it, at least not in my opinion.

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The Florida native knows she needs to schedule time for self-care because she wrapped up season 3 of the Netflix drama late last year and was also raising two young children.

She told us, “Now, I’ve been trying to walk a little bit more, simply go outside the home. Winter weather makes it more challenging, so I have some indoor alternatives. I enjoy reading. I enjoy taking baths.

My diary. Yet I firmly insist on having my own area. It’s like, certain items in my recharging environment, including my warm blanket, a comfortable cushion, a pleasant chair, and chargers, cannot be accessed. My kids are aware that it is forbidden to take chargers from mommy’s charging station.

How the Children of Jo Anna Garcia Swisher Feel About the Kissing Scenes in "sweet Magnolias

It’s important for her to have her own area. Garcia Swisher said, “As a mom, things inevitably get so chaotic and we’re racing around and firing on all cylinders, so I think it’s very important to have your own little part of the universe.” It takes very little time to allow yourself a minute to relax and refresh, and it always makes things better. It can be exhausting.

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She collaborated with Mrs. T’s Pierogies to offer design advice and cash rewards to moms who want to design their own recharging space in their homes (as well as easy pierogi recipes to make family dinners simple). One worthy mom will receive $20,000 in addition to an individually designed room in their house by the actress.

Garcia Swisher said to us, “I genuinely love Mrs. T’s Pierogies, and I’ve got some in my freezer right now. But when they indicated that they wanted to support moms, they asked me to be a part of the All-Star Moms campaign to help design recharging stations and encourage women to take some time for themselves. I was really happy that they did. I then reflected, “This couldn’t be a more ideal partnership.”

How the Children of Jo Anna Garcia Swisher Feel About the Kissing Scenes in "sweet Magnolias

By visiting Mrs. T’s Pierogies website between February 28 and March 28, anyone can submit a nomination for a deserving mom in their lives (or for themselves) to win prizes.