How to Change the Language on Amazon

Amazon is a multinational online store, and barriers between countries rarely slow the company’s growth or success. So, if you don’t speak English fluently but would still like to use Amazon, you can change the language settings to something more comfortable.

The one catch is that Amazon doesn’t support all languages in all regions, so you’ll need to check if the one you want to use is available in yours.

Tips for Switching Amazon’s Language Setting

how to change language on amazon

  • 1. Open a browser and go to If you’re not signed in to your Amazon account, please do so.
  • Second, hover the mouse pointer over the Flag icon to the right of the search bar at the top of the page. If you wait a moment, a language selection menu will appear.
  • Three, settle on a language of choice. Choices could be restricted based on location. For example, in the USA, you have to pick between English (EN) and Spanish (ES) (ES).

You can switch regions to access a different language option. Select a new location or country from the list of available options below the language selection. Select a new nation from the Select your chosen country/region website option and then click Go to website. Now when you click on an Amazon link, a new tab will come up in the appropriate regional language, or you’ll be given the option to select your preferred language.

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Amazon’s Mobile App: How To Switch Languages

  • 1) Open the Amazon app on your mobile device (Android, iOS).
  • Step 2: Select Settings from the menu that appears after you hit the three horizontal lines.
  • 3. Select the Country and Language option.
  • 4 Select the desired language by tapping its icon. In the event that the language you select is not accessible in your region, you will be prompted to change your region selection.

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If I Have Amazon Prime, Why Is It Only Available in Spanish?

  • That Amazon Prime is only available in Spanish on your account is due to a few factors. Take a peek at them in the image below.
  • You have reached a foreign website. For example, if you entered the Amazon site from a page in Mexico or Spain, the language settings would be adjusted to Spanish.
  • You’ve decided to switch your favoured tongue. You may have switched to Spanish as your preferred language for the Amazon website or for Prime Video in general. You can undo the switch by returning to the language menu.
  • You have a very vintage Roku player. A reboot can solve the problem in most cases, but not all. The necessity for an alternative tool may arise in certain scenarios.

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Is There a Way to Switch My Amazon Prime Account to English or Another Language?

how to change language on amazon

  • Returning to the original language after switching it on Amazon Prime is done in the same way:
  • To change your Prime Video settings, go to on your web browser and enter your Amazon credentials if requested.
  • Pick Your Language.
  • Click the Save button.